Vol. 10, No. 37

September 12-18, 2002

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Ten Unexpected Reasons Why We Love Election Seasons

10. You might look up in the sky where fighter jets are showing their stuff and see a tiny plane intrude perilously close with a B-I-S-S-E-T-T banner for a tail.

9. Incumbent Calvert County Commissioner Linda Kelley gets more mileage and more campaign trail converts with a pot-bellied pig named Franklin than most candidates reap from ads and endorsements.

8. Lame-duck Gov. Parris Glendening plays Police Commissioner Herbert Lom to Comptroller William Donald Schaefer’s Inspector Clouseau from the Pink Panther, finally driven so far around the bend that he runs wacky ads skewering fellow Democrat Schaefer.

7. New campaign PAC files papers: Little Girls and Afros for Schaefer.

6. Wannabe guv Robert Ehrlich — who flunked environmental tests in Congress by scoring an average 23 percent in recent League of Conservation Voter scorecards — polls strong among Maryland voters who rank development and congestion among their biggest concerns.

5. Political dynast Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend bumbles away the summer after picking an inexperienced pal (a daughter’s godfather) to run her campaign for governor.

4. Who said Republicans live in the past? At their GOP Jamboree in Crownsville, the fellow on the wet seat of the dunking tank machine was none other than — Bill Clinton.

3. Who needs protection anyway? Not Anne Arundel’s GOP candidate for county executive Phil Bissett, who has a license to pack a pistol and says incumbent executive Janet Owens wastes bucks with a bodyguard.

So many developers show up at a Janet Owens fundraiser, neighbors worry that bulldozers might start knocking down trees.

1. A fish with feet and more teeth than Julia Roberts gets more ink than any candidate for public office.

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