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 Vol. 10, No. 41

October 10-16, 2002

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O’Connor Says Thanks for Locally Grown Music Review

Dear Bay Weekly:
I am Anita O’Connor’s husband, and I am writing to thank you for reviewing her CD release concert [Vol. X, No. 40, October 3]. April Falcon Doss’ article accurately reflected the concert — and both were wonderful.

I can’t tell you how appreciative we are that you were able to put the concert in your calendar of events and to have Doss come and review the show. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Please pass my deep appreciation to Doss as well.

Anita does have a website — www.anitasings.com — and with your permission, I’d like to incorporate the review in Anita’s site.

— Maurie O’Connor, Annapolis

Sailboat Lore Sought on ‘Mower’

Dear Bay Weekly:
I was searching the Internet for ‘Charles Mower’ and came across your article in memory of Vernon Gingell [Appreciation: Vol. X, No 29, July 18], which mentions another of Vern’s stories. You write that Vern took us back to the 1930s to tell about “the challenge that marked the beginning of much-heralded Chesapeake 20s,” and of the unbeatable Vanity, designed by Charles Mower and built by Os Owings, a boat Vern himself would later own.”

What was the class of boat you are referring to? I have an antique sailboat designed by Charles Mower called a Mower, sail number 26. It was built at the Skaneateles Boat and Canoe company. These boats were produced between 1927 and 1938ish. Once the Lightning began to be produced, the Mower was discontinued. It is a round-bottom boat, 19 feet in length, with a 14-foot, 4-inch waterline, a six-foot, six-inch beam and a mast that extends 28 feet above the water.

Does anyone have any information on this boat?

— Bob McConnaghy, [email protected]

Citizens Say No to Elks Landing

Dear Bay Weekly:
Congratulations to the citizens of Deale for stepping forward and voicing their opposition to the proposed Elks Landing Subdivision at the county’s Sketch Plan Meeting, September 19. They understand that Snyder Development’s desire to build 62 homes on 19.9 acres of land in one of Deale’s last open spaces is not in our community’s best interest.

They understand this acreage apparently includes non-tidal wetlands and is in the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area. They understand the role that untouched wetlands play in preventing flooding of existing homes and inhibiting pollutants from entering our creeks and Bay. They know this development’s impervious surfaces will impede this natural process. They also know it appears that a significant part of this property may lie within the federally mapped 100-year flood plain.

Citizens understand that our wells are in peril and the negative impact 62 more homes will create. Parents and teachers already know that Deale Elementary School is at capacity and worry about the quality of education.

They know our roads can’t handle additional traffic, and they are concerned about fire and emergency vehicle response time.

Finally, our neighbors know that Snyder Development is not interested in our welfare, nor our quality of life. Clearly, they see its blatant self-interest, and they have said no to Elks Landing.

— Mary E. Cardyn, Deale

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