Bay Weekly Election Special
Candidate Questionnaire

 Vol. 10, No. 44

October 31 - November 6, 2002

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Bay Weekly Election Special: Candidate Questionnaire

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Tuesday, November 5 will resolve a real-life story as compelling as any you’ll find in stage, screen or novel. The 2002 races for public office were conceived in hope and ambition and have been nurtured by millions of dollars, animated by conflict, blasted by disappointment, wrung by mortality, prickled by unpredictability and sustained by suspense.

As if drama weren’t enough, it’s a saga that touches home for each of us, for — as much as the candidates — the winners and loser will be us. For the stakes in this contest are neither imaginary — as in fiction — nor vicarious — as in baseball’s World Series. At stake is the quality of lives we live and the future we bequeath to our children.

Elections are better than fiction in another way, too. There is no preconceived ending. There is no resolution to this drama until we write it by our vote.

To help you make choices that are in your best interest — and the Bay’s — when you go to vote November 5, we’ve asked the candidates to speak to you directly. Here you’ll find candidates running for offices big and small, from governor and Congress through state to county seats in the districts within our circulation area. Both Anne Arundel and Calvert voters will find their candidates surveyed here, because Chesapeake Country as reflected in Bay Weekly is a region of interests defined by the Bay rather than by arbitrary political boundaries. We’re an urban, suburban and rural region, all running parallel to the Bay from Severna Park in the north to Solomons in the south.

In bringing these responses to you, we’ve edited for grammatical accuracy and, to fairly share space, length. For consistency, parties and candidates appear in alphabetical order. Because of the demands on candidates’ time, we’ve asked only five questions. But in answering, they’ve revealed their motivations, their strengths and their hopes — as well, we think, as what kind of job they’ll do for us.

We hope this Guide helps you match your vote with the candidates who match your values. Let us know.

Sandra Martin, Bay Weekly Publisher and Editor

The Questions:

1. Why are you seeking election?

2. What in your background prepares you for public service?

3. What special strength would you bring to this office?

4. What growth or land-use problem in Chesapeake Country concerns you and why?

5. In 50 words or less, what is your vision?

Candidate Responces:

For complete interviews with both major-party candidates, log onto

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend: Lieutenant Governor
1. I am running for governor to continue my fight for Maryland’s families. I have the experience and the plan to make sure that we make the most of what Maryland can be.

2. I have served as lieutenant governor from 1995 to the present, working with citizens across our state to solve problems important to them in the areas of education, health care, business and crime. I also focused on education in my work at the Maryland Department of Education, while serving as the executive director of the Maryland Student Service Alliance. During this time I visited over 400 schools across our state, meeting students and parents and spearheading our state’s public service requirement, the first in the nation.

I also worked for the state of Maryland as an environmental attorney, concerned about the issues of sewage and pollution. Immediately before becoming lieutenant governor, I worked as a deputy assistant attorney general, gaining experience working in and with our federal government. These experiences together have prepared me for the job of governor of Maryland.

3. I am adept at bringing diverse groups of people together to get things done. By focusing on the task at hand and leading discussions that are open and honest, I help to forge new links between unconnected interests such as our universities and manufacturing firms. This kind of aggressive problem solving will be the foundation of my administration.

4. I am concerned that we preserve and improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay, the crown jewel of Maryland. I will do this by reducing pollution from sewage treatment plants, restoring our streams by controlling polluted runoff and providing sufficient funding for Program Open Space Rural Legacy and GreenPrint to help meet the Bay Agreement’s land-preservation goals.

5. This is Maryland’s moment. By building on our strong foundation, we can offer every child a quality education; honor our seniors with real help on prescription drugs; and strengthen our communities by protecting the environment, reducing crime and growing our economy. I will work with Maryland communities, listen to our citizens and act on their concerns.

Robert Ehrlich: U.S. Congressman
1. I am running for governor of Maryland to bring quality leadership to Annapolis and end eight years of unchecked spending and partisan politics. I want to:

  • Repair the wastewater treatment plants that heavily pollute the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay in an effort to replenish diminished sea life;

  • Improve our education system with adequate funding and targeted spending;

  • Bring Project Exile to Maryland, to create mandatory prison sentences for criminals convicted of gun-related felonies.

2. I grew up in a working-class neighborhood with parents who taught me the important life lesson that hard work and determination pay off. I used these skills to work my way through college and law school. After practicing law for four years, I decided I would begin my life as a public servant. I was a member of the Maryland House of Delegates for eight years and am currently finishing my eighth year as a Congressman in the U.S. House of Representatives. During these 16 years of public service, I have stressed honesty, integrity and compassion — all necessary to be governor.

3. As a lifelong Marylander, I understand the importance of issues like the Bay, education and crime. I have the unique opportunity to serve the people of Maryland on the state and federal levels, casting tens of thousands of votes on virtually every issue. My 16 years of public service have allowed me to develop the knowledge that is necessary to run our state.

4. I am concerned that improper land use is leading to the destruction of our rivers, streams and, most importantly, our Chesapeake Bay. In order to revitalize our Potomac River and the Bay, I will repair the wastewater treatment plants that are responsible for most of the nutrient pollution. With new technologies, our plants will dramatically reduce the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus dumped into our waters, which will allow our crabs, shellfish, fish and plants to once again thrive.

5. My vision is a Maryland where people feel safe walking down their streets, where all students receive a quality education and where Maryland does not face a crippling budget deficit. My vision will be achieved through a change in the current attitude of partisan politics that dominates Annapolis.

Spear Lancaster: No response.

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Congress District 1
Only one can win.

Ann Tamlyn
1. My experience as a Democratic Committeeperson gives me a chance to raise to the federal level.

2. Grassroots advocacy for environmental and community issues for two decades in Annapolis and by mail with our senators in Congress.

3. I have maintained a small business that now finances my campaign. Experience over the long haul gives me patience to promote public good and community interests.

4. Our greatest needs under continuous-growth conditions are better transportation connections and modern sewage treatment systems for pure water preservation.

5. We have experienced “new federalism” for nearly a decade. Our states are broke and need the sharing of our tax moneys due from the federal level back to our communities for services to folks who like living in rural metro areas and need services delivered to them where they live. I believe a Democratic majority in Congress will stimulate jobs and economic benefits throughout the United States.

Wayne Gilchrest: Incumbent.
1. It’s been an honor to serve in Congress and represent my constituents in the 1st Congressional District. I would like to continue to fight for better schools, for a healthy environment, a prosperous economy and tighter national security.

2. I have a diverse background with a variety of experiences that prepare me for public service. I began serving my country at the age of 18 when I enlisted in the Marine Corps and served a tour of duty in Vietnam. I chose a career as a public school teacher, where I tried my best to give my students a desire to learn and a curiosity about life. I’ve raised three children and continue to care deeply about my community.

3. I am not beholden to special interest groups. Because I don’t accept PAC money and I don’t accept campaign contributions from people outside my district, voters can trust that my votes in Congress are in their best interests, not the special interests.

4. I’ve been concerned for some time that we’re losing our working farms and the rural character of our region. I’ve been working on a Delmarva Conservation Corridor project so we can keep land in agriculture production and protect habitat for wildlife. We must take steps to preserve our natural resources, before they’re gone. Maryland, Delaware and Virginia are all taking advantage now of the Delmarva conservation corridor provisions I worked hard to get in the new Farm Bill, which was signed by the president last spring.

5. I look forward to a future when our children don’t have to live in fear of terrorism. I look forward to a day when our Bay is bountiful and our watermen are able to support their families. I look forward to a day when we realize that economic development and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive, so that we can all live in harmony together.

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Congress District 3
Only one can win.

Benjamin Cardin Incumbent.
1. No answer.

2. I have represented Maryland’s 3rd District in the U.S. House of Representatives since 1987. From 1967 to 1986, I was a legislator in the Maryland House of Delegates. I was speaker from 1979 to 1986.

3. During my 16 years in Congress, I have established bipartisan coalitions to develop and pass needed legislation. For example, it was the Portman-Cardin pension legislation that greatly increased opportunity for workers to participate in pension plans enacted into law during this past term of Congress.

I am proud that it was my legislation that was enacted that greatly expanded preventative health-care benefits within the Medicare system. My priorities for the next Congress include expanding Medicare to include an effective prescription drug benefit and enhancing the federal government’s role on the Chesapeake Bay Program.

4. Population growth in the Chesapeake Bay watershed is the fundamental pressure on the Bay’s rich but fragile ecosystem. Given that our population in the region will continue to grow and with it we want to encourage economic development, we must work aggressively and proactively to ensure that any related adverse environmental impacts are assessed, reduced and mitigated to the greatest extent possible. Additionally, where the environmental costs are too high, we should not move forward.

This is a great challenge in a watershed as large, diverse and highly developed as the Chesapeake’s. The federal government, led by the EPA Chesapeake Bay Program office, has been a leader in efforts to coordinate federal, state, local and private efforts to save the Bay. This challenge will remain one of my top priorities in Congress.

5. I work to represent the people of Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District by ensuring that constituents are well informed and have a voice in Washington; working to see that local and state interests are well served by federal actions; and having an active role in the leadership of this nation.

Scott Conwell
1. As a result of redistricting, Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District is new and considerably more diverse, spanning Baltimore, Anne Arundel and Howard Counties and Baltimore City, and affecting some of Maryland’s most important resources and institutions. I have lived in each of these areas, have been part of the communities and know these areas well. My experience in law, business and technology will enable me to represent this District with leadership and knowledge unmatched by any other candidate. I believe that the new 3rd Congressional District truly makes up the heart of Maryland, and I will represent the residents of the entire district with pride and vigor.

2. I have had an extensive career in public service. As a former senior systems engineer for the Department of Defense, I led development of missile defenses to protect against blackmail and terror. Long before the tragedy and the terror of September 11, I supported a congressionally appointed commission headed by Donald Rumsfeld that determined that our enemies could attack our homeland in various unpredictable ways and could have catastrophic results, a conclusion that finally overcame years of Democratic opposition.

3. I believe that my background uniquely qualifies me to represent Marylanders in the new 3rd Congressional District. I have knowledge of the law through extensive experience as an attorney. I have earned an MBA degree and have assisted and counseled businesses. My background in business exports will help me to effectively promote Maryland businesses and products throughout the country and world. Additionally, I have an engineering degree and experience developing advanced technologies that will help me to implement smarter transit and road solutions.

4. The Chesapeake Bay is one of Maryland’s greatest resources and must be preserved for generations to come. Yet growth and pollution-control regulations based on political special interests rather than sound scientific principles never achieve their environmental objectives. As a candidate who has taken environmental studies at the University of Maryland, is an expert in regulatory law and who engineered advanced pollution-control designs on U.S. ships, I am uniquely suited for advocating well-designed laws and regulations that encourage the preservation of Maryland’s resources while not destroying our economy or our quality of life.

5. I will take a leadership role in improving Maryland’s key infrastructure — its public education and transportation systems. My Top Teachers proposal focuses on the problem of recruiting and retaining quality teachers to all our public schools. I will bring home a much larger share of federal funding for construction and technology development.

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Congress District 5
Only one can win.

Steny Hoyer: Incumbent.
1. I am running for re-election as Representative of Maryland’s 5th Congressional District because I believe that I have the experience and ability to make the district an even better place to live and work. I will continue to help bring quality federal jobs to the area, support fiscally responsible policies that strengthen the economy and protect Social Security, fight for affordable health care and secure federal funds to protect Maryland’s environment.

2. I have served the people of Maryland for over 30 years as a state senator and member of Congress. During that time, I have worked to get things done for the people I represent — helping foster a strong economy and affordable health care, improving schools and helping clean up the environment.

3. I have been a member of the influential House Appropriations Committee for 20 years, which positions me to ensure that the 5th District receives its share of federal funds for our local priorities, such as protecting the Chesapeake Bay and expanding mass transportation to alleviate traffic congestion.

4. I am very concerned by how growth impacts the health of Chesapeake Bay. The Bay is one of the country’s greatest treasures, and I have long been a strong advocate for the Chesapeake Bay Program, which was established to restore the health of the Bay. Over the years, I have obtained millions of dollars for programs to reduce the levels of pollution and nutrients released into the Bay, including the highly successful Oyster Recovery Project.

5. I am working to make ours a region with high quality jobs and affordable health care available to all people, excellent schools to ensure bright futures for our children and environmentally responsible policies that protect our natural treasures.

Joseph Crawford: No response.

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Senator, A.A.Co. District 30
Only one can win.

John Astle: Incumbent; no response.

Andy Smarick
1. The incumbent has done a poor job on state spending, protecting the environment and helping our schools. We desperately need a senator who will be active and work hard for Maryland.

2. I have a BA in government and politics and a master’s degree in public management. I have been an aide for the Maryland General Assembly. I am currently a legislative aide for Congressman Wayne Gilchrest.

3. I have knowledge of the policy areas my district is interested in and passion for policy work and serving my area. I grew up and went to the local public schools; high level of activity.

4. Urban sprawl and the clearing of forests and wetlands hurts our air and water quality, leads to transportation problems, reduces the quality of life, endangers habitat and threatens countless species.

5. I will work to make Anne Arundel County the ideal place to live, raise families and visit. Our schools will be the best, our environment the cleanest and our quality of life unrivaled. We will get there through thoughtfulness, determination and action.

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Senator, A.A.Co. District 31
Only one can win.

Philip Jimeno: Incumbent; no response.

David Kyle
1. I am running for the state Senate in District 31 because I believe that the Democrats are leading this state in the wrong direction. After three decades of total control over the government, they have failed the citizens of Maryland. From the education of our children to the irresponsible spending of the taxpayer’s money and the continued poor health of the Chesapeake Bay, they have let us down.

2. I am willing to step forward and accept the challenge and the privilege of serving the public in the legislature.

3. As a blue-collar union worker, I know first hand what the average citizen goes through in their daily lives. I was also a single parent of two young boys for many years. The strength I will bring to this office is the life experience of an American worker.

4. While growth is not only good, it is a necessity for the state if we are going to expand our economical base to provide job opportunities for our citizens. However, the infrastructure (roads and schools) of high-growth areas must be adequate to properly support that growth. We must also consider the ecological impact that rapid and uncontained growth brings to those areas.

5. My vision for Maryland is that we bring back responsible government to this state. My priority will be the education of our children, responsible spending and making sure the laws we pass are constitutional and protect the rights of the people.

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Delegate, A.A.Co. District 31
Six candidates compete for three seats.

Joan Cadden: Incumbent:
1. I am seeking re-election in order to continue my service to the constituents in my district. My experience and dedication as a member of the House Appropriations Committee will help to assure the continuation of funding of education and environmental land-preservation initiatives.

2. I have worked extensively on school issues, as an honorary life member of the PTA and as an appointed member of the Anne Arundel County Board of Education from 1983 to 1988. I am a board member at Opportunity Builders workplace for disabled adults. As a licensed cosmetologist, I have owned and operated my own beauty shop for 26 years.

3. As a member of the Appropriations Committee, I serve on the Capital Budget Subcommittee, the Oversight Committee on Pensions and Personnel and the Joint Committee on Chesapeake Bay Critical Areas. I chair both the Public Safety and Administration Subcommittee and the Education Subcommittee of the Anne Arundel County Delegation. My leadership positions enable me to strongly influence educational and environmental funding initiatives, particularly when dealing with capital budget issues.

4. Environmentally appropriate usages of port land. Uncontrolled growth and overdevelopment in Critical Areas of Chesapeake Bay. Harmful runoff in Bay tributaries from both chemical and development sources.

5. I am committed to restoring the fragile tributary waters of Chesapeake Bay. I will continue to pioneer funding of environmental land-preservation initiatives such as the Magothy River Greenway and promote emergency protection of endangered bog ecosystems, which are imperative to the restoration and healthy future of the Bay.

Thomas Fleckenstein
1. Because as a county prosecutor I am frustrated with the lack of accountability in the criminal justice system, and as a father of three, I think the state must do better at preserving our environment and neighborhoods and educating our youth.

2. My family has always stressed the importance of community and public service, of staying and being involved and of actively participating. I have served as an assistant county prosecutor for six years.

3. I would be one of a small handful of law enforcement professionals in the General Assembly.

4. A particularly relevant concern in District 31 is citizen involvement in growth control before the fact is crucial. Land preservation, acquisition and protection is a major issue here because of the amount of waterways and shoreline and because most of the potentially open land for development is on peninsulas in Pasadena, which must be neither overdeveloped nor destroyed.

5. I would like a community where citizens come first, have a say in the present and future quality of life and are included in the processes that most effect them. Government must support and protect the decent citizens it serves.

Mary Rosso: Incumbent.
1. My first four years in the House of Delegates were productive. I was successful in getting legislation passed that (1) protected at-risk college students from bacterial meningitis, and (2) established a citizen advisory committee on dredge disposal projects in my district. The Community Right to Know Fund and Environmental Justice Commission were also implemented because of my efforts.

2. I have worked for the community for 30 years as a volunteer. I started the Anne Arundel County Voters for Environmental Justice PAC. This was the first PAC to endorse and work for candidates who voted for environmentally friendly legislation at the local level. I served for eight years on the Maryland League of Conservation Voters, 10 years on the State of Maryland’s Air Quality Advisory Committee, and I was a founding member of both the Maryland Waste Coalition and the Maryland Citizen Action Coalition. I was an environmental aide to former Sen. Gerald Winegrad for four years.

3. My ability to work with people is a special strength that can make the difference between a bill passing or failing. Also, my knowledge of the system and community issues are additional strengths to ensure my people get their issues presented in a fair and balanced way. My love of the office and serving the public gives me the strength to perform effectively.

4. Building in the Critical Areas has continued with grandfathered lots. Undeveloped waterfront areas are disappearing from our county. Although Smart Growth has helped keep some rural lands from sprawl-development, we are not keeping pace with ensuring our sensitive areas stay forested and buffered. Small community developments are a thing of the past, as new huge communities bring strip shopping centers and traffic. Salt water intrusion has impacted some communities, and there is a possibility we may have to extend public water to outlying areas. This will create more growth, and the spiral of growth in Critical Areas will increase.

5. We will have clean renewable energy that will reduce our dependence on foreign oil and reduce air and water pollution. Our Bay and all our waterways will be teeming with marine life, crabs, oysters, fish. We will have transportation compatible with communities, greenways connecting communities, Bridge to Education funded fully and health care for all.

Don Dwyer
1. I believe that all citizens have a responsibility to serve, and I believe it is my turn to serve our state.

2. I am a citizen of Maryland. I own and operate a small business and understand the foundations of law.

3. I have the ability to see that citizens are protected based on their constitutional rights.

4. My primary environmental concern is the condition of the Chesapeake Bay. We must minimize or eliminate sewage overflows containing untreated human waste. We must also have cost-effective compliance mechanisms for industrial waste water.

5. My vision would be that all law be based on a constitutional foundation. I would hope that your children and grandchildren would inherit a system of law that will serve all. Environmentally, each of us are responsible for the environment; therefore, we must hold each other accountable for our actions as they impact all areas of life.

Thomas Gardner: No response.

John Leopold: Incumbent; no response.

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Senator, A.A.Co. District 32
Only one can win.

James DeGrange:
Incumbent; no response.

Terry Gilleland
1. I believe that Maryland’s course must change and that in order to do so, the leadership must change, as well. The current administration and General Assembly leadership have led our state to inherit a $1.7 billion deficit, along with serious challenges in education, the business community, transportation and health care. They have had their opportunity to lead and have failed. It is time for new ideas and new opportunities.

2. I serve as the chairman of the Anne Arundel County Republican Party and previously served as a member of the Anne Arundel County Board of Education. Moreover, I have been a dedicated community activist and civic volunteer.

3. My strong financial background, developed from both my education and real-world experience in the private sector, enables me to better understand the budgetary needs of the state. This will help me to use sound judgment when addressing the needs of the people of Maryland.

4. We must ensure that we are addressing the nutrient run-off issue and must further ensure that we do not place the financial burden on the farmers.

5. I believe that Maryland finds itself at a crossroads and we must decide the direction we want to take. I want to take the high road of establishing a government that serves the people of the state, not the other way around. We have the opportunity to make this change now.

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Delegate, A.A.Co. District 32
Six candidates compete for three seats.

Mary Ann Love: Incumbent
1. I have represented District 32 for nine years and I would like to continue representing that district.

2. I have worked for Anne Arundel County government for 20 years doing public service for the county executive office and Department of Aging, and I have been director of consumer services. I have also been a member of the House of Delegates representing District 32 for nine years.

3. I have been chair of the Anne Arundel County Delegation for four years, served on the Women’s Caucus as treasurer and have been active on my committee, Economic Matters. As a delegation chair, I have worked along with other members to bring home money to help our county.

4. Protect the Chesapeake Bay, Smart Growth, Rural Legacy and Open Space. We must work to protect our waterways along with the green spaces that are left in our county.

5. We must continue to work toward enjoying a high quality of life. I want my grandchildren to live in an environment that is clean and for them to enjoy the life I had growing up. We must continue to protect our open spaces and use Smart Growth. We must save more of our rural areas and we must save our Chesapeake Bay.

Theodore Sophocleus: Incumbent.
1. I am currently a member of the House of Delegates from District 32. I bring to the office a varied background in management and life experience that together enable me to best serve my district and the state.

2. I served in many capacities in many organizations, including the PTA, American Cancer Society, Little Leagues and handicapped workshops. I have a strong management background and budget background. I served eight years on the county council and was the Democratic nominee for county executive in 1990 and 1994.

3. Constituent service; fiscal moderation; strong environmental record; ability to interface with others.

4. The waiver policy; antiquator subdivisions; pollution run-off from our development; lack of proper funding in woodland and farm preservation.

5. My vision is that we be one state working together to educate our children, protect our heritage and allow for an environment that is healthy for our citizens and meets the goals of our business community.

Victor Sulin: No response.

Robert Pepersack
1. I am seeking this office, first, so that the citizens of District 32 can and will be represented in Annapolis, and second, to give this state an honest two-party system.

2. I was with the Maryland State Police for 26 years; for four years I was sheriff of Anne Arundel County; and I have a lifetime of public service and leadership training, with involvement in local, state and national government.

3. Honesty, integrity and experience and my resolve to energetically represent the citizens of District 32.

4. A long-term plan and course of action must be laid down by all involved parties — ecologists, farmers, builders, average citizens, land owners, fishermen, shipping and harbor businesses — in an on-going dialogue that is supported by state and federal governments.

5. No tax increases! We must repair a billion-dollar deficit by reducing government spending; properly funding education, if necessary, using revenues from slots at race tracks; restoring our transportation trust fund for roads and mass transit; and fixing a broken criminal justice system, particularly juvenile justice and corrections.

Jim Rzepkowski: Incumbent
1. I am running to represent the shared values of my community. I will promote quality public education, lower taxes, smaller central government, a meaningfully balanced budget and laws that foster and protect the law-abiding, individually responsible citizen.

2. I have served in the General Assembly for the past eight years and am seeking a third four-year term. I serve on the House Ways and Means Committee with a key appointment to the Transportation Subcommittee. Prior to that, I was on the staff of the late Sen. John A. Cade, senate minority leader. I graduated with Phi Beta Kappa Honors from the University of Maryland-College Park with a BA degree in government and politics. I currently serve on the board of directors for my homeowners association, as House chair of both the Republican Work Group on Transportation and the Maryland Republican Legislators Committee.

3. My special strength is my belief that one person can make a difference. I can make a difference in the lives of the citizens I represent on a one-to-one basis as well as collectively. I am honest, trustworthy and hard working, and I apply as much positive energy as I can to everything I do.

4. I have a 10-month-old son. Growing up, I fished, skied, swam and cruised the Bay and its tributaries. I want to be able to do the same with my son without worry that the fish is inedible or the water too toxic to enjoy. We need to be vigilant about what runoff ends up it the Bay and what effects they have. Any disturbance on the Bay’s shore needs to protect the natural habitat for all the creatures of the Bay who depend upon them.

5. I believe in the American dream. I believe in the freedom, creativity and spirit of the individual citizen. I want to build a community of responsible citizens who can seize the opportunity for a better life, which includes advancing through quality education and a thriving business climate in a healthy environment.

David Starr: No response.

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Senator, A.A.Co. District 33
Only one can win.

Robert Neall: Incumbent.
1. I am seeking this office because I truly enjoy making a positive impact on my community and state. I have been able to make a real difference, from helping ensure a new library for Crofton, to renovations for Davidsonville Elementary, to working for a respite-care facility in Heritage Harbor, to leading the fight for the Route 2 improvement, which alleviated the serious bottleneck that plagued South County for years. I am excited about the prospect of continuing to work to make a real difference for District 33.

2. I have the experience to continue to make a positive impact. I was first elected to the House of Delegates in 1974, went on to serve as Anne Arundel county executive and have served in the state Senate for the last six years. During these many years, I have become an expert on the state budget, served on numerous crime control task forces, worked to pass important education initiatives and fought to hold the line on out-of-control spending. Because of this diversified experience in public service, I have amassed the legislative skills, leadership and know-how to continue to effectively serve Anne Arundel County.

3. I currently serve on the Senate Budget and Tax Committee in the Senate. My work on this committee has earned me praise from leaders in both parties for my ability to put aside partisan politics and get things done. I believe partisan politics should not get in the way of good legislation. My ability to work with members of both parties in the interest of the people of Anne Arundel County is a unique strength that will continue to serve me well in my fight for the people of this state.

4. Over-development/sprawl. Recognizing the importance of preserving open space, I helped write the rural legacy legislation in the House of Delegates and have supported project open space in the Senate. As county executive, I set aside land to preserve Jug Bay. I will continue to fight over-development in an effort to protect the Bay, preserve the natural beauty of our region and improve the quality of life for our citizens.

5. My vision for Anne Arundel includes safe communities, schools that are second to none, preservation of open space, transportation systems that are efficient and safe, an economy that continues to reward hard working men and women and improved water quality in the Bay and its tributaries.

Janet Greenip
1. Having always been a Republican and representing this Republican District for eight years in the House of Delegates, I can best represent this district in the Senate.

2. Taught school and served in the House of Delegates for eight years

3. Integrity and a strong commitment to the family give me the perspective I need. I have been fighting for better education for the children and am very happy that MSPAP is gone. Now we must make sure the new testing program reflects our values.

4. The erosion of islands in the Bay and its tributaries.

5. My vision is a land where everyone takes seriously our job of being good stewards and does not abuse the resources that God gave us.

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Delegate, A.A.Co. District 33-A
Five candidates compete for two seats.

Steve Rizzi
1. Having worked with the legislature and state government on various committees and task forces for over four years, I hope to bring a conservative voice to the Democratic party with an openness to new ideas for improving government. I can forge consensus between Democrats and Republicans to move government forward.

2. As a corporate vice president at SAIC, the largest privately held R&D company in the United States, I manage a diverse technical laboratory of scientists and engineers.

I also have extensive political experience advising state government on business and technology, having worked with the Maryland Information Technology Board; Maryland’s Technology Development Corporation’ the Maryland Home Team; and the statewide Task Force on High Speed Network Development.

At the county level, I served on County Executive Janet Owens’ Anne Arundel County Technology Transition Team; advised the Anne Arundel County Public Schools on instructional technology; and contributed to the Building Bridges group, sponsored by the 21st Century Education Foundation. I have been active in both PTA and CAC activities at Crofton schools. For four years, I have been involved in Odyssey of the Mind and Destination Imagination, including managing a Crofton Middle School Odessey team to the state championship.

I also served as the president of the Huntington Woods Property Owners Association.

3. I have had the experience of building a business into a large-scale operation and sustaining it through a range of ups and downs in the economy. Based on my experience, I believe that I can work to make government behave more like business — creating the right metrics that reward agencies for serving the needs of the customer, the taxpayer.

As a technologist, I would be unusual in the House of Delegates since I have first hand experience in understanding many of the technologies that are expensive portions of our state’s budget. I can ask the tough questions, and I won’t be misled by lobbyists.

4. Capital projects such as school or public works can require years to plan and are often delayed in adoption in the county’s capital budget. Impact-fee dollars collected for a given development project do not end up directly funding capital improvements in the area impacted.
Worse, some local governments waive these impact fees in exchange for other considerations from developers. What is further frustrating is that local residents of that community will have to bear the burden of over-crowded schools and congested roads.

5. I will fight to protect the rights of property owners to ensure that school and public works infrastructure are improved in a timely and appropriate manner. Moneys for impact fees should be collected from developers, and these funds should be applied where the impact has occurred — not to a general fund.

Jim Snider
1. Last spring I was the top vote-getter of five candidates at the Anne Arundel County School Board Nominating Convention. When the governor didn’t select me (and picked someone who hadn’t gone through the nominating convention), many of the delegates who attended the convention were furious. Subsequently, senators Bobby Neall and John Astle recruited me to run for one of the two seats in District 33A.

2. I have spent much of my life doing public policy and currently work at a Washington think tank, the New America Foundation. I spend my days going to congressional hearings, talking to legislative staff and policy experts, writing position papers and commentaries and in general trying to formulate and implement public policy. Serving as a house delegate is a nice complement to this type of work. In addition to serving on countless non-profit and government committees, I’ve also served on the personal and committee staff in the U.S. Senate and been twice elected to a small urban school board. Currently, I am a director of the Greater Severna Park Council as well as chair of its recreation committee. I also serve on the advisory board of the Anne Arundel Community College’s Center for the Study of Local Issues.

3. My background in public policy, a wealth of connections to some of our country’s best public policy minds, a Harvard MBA and a natural affinity for analyzing budgets, a track record of public service to our district and demonstrated ability to address the education concerns of a broad section of our county’s most demanding parents.

4. One of the biggest problems is enforcement of existing laws. Inspectors need the resources to inspect; violators need to be adequately penalized; and the public needs timely access to relevant information to have meaningful input on proposed developments. I am the only candidate in District 33A endorsed by the Sierra Club. As a director of the Greater Severna Park Council and chair of its Recreation Committee, I have worked hard to ensure that the quality of life so important to us is preserved.

5. To improve our quality of life and to bring to this task the intellectual firepower of U.S. Sen. Moynihan, the political courage of U.S. Sen. McCain and the financial shrewdness of Maryland Sen. Bobby Neall.

David Boschert: Incumbent
1. I’m seeking re-election because I believe in legislators who are people-oriented, not politically oriented. I’ve prided myself throughout my career on helping people first, and that’s what I’ll continue to do.

2. I have served four years in the House of Delegates, following 10 and a half years in the Anne Arundel County Council, to which I was appointed in 1984 to fill an unexpired term. I was elected to the council on my own in 1986 and ’90 and served as chair in 1992 and ’93.

I’ve also served on many appointed board and commissions by way of county executive and gubernatorial appointment. Among them are the Board of Zoning Appeals, the Animal Control Board, Severn River Commission, the Citizen Advisory Board of Crownsville Hospital Center and the board regulating landscapers and architects.

3. My special strength is constituent representation, which has been proven throughout my political career. I vote for legislation based on merit and justification of need — not political emotion.

4. We must look at point/non-point pollution areas and make sure our governmental wastewater facilities are not in violation of its own pollution laws. I supported last year’s Coastal Bays legislation and the Green Cathedral and Open Space programs. We have to be very careful where we dump our dredge material. Poplar Island is where we can make a spot that’s aesthetically sound, environmentally safe and a sanctuary for wildlife.

5. My vision is for all residents of Maryland to get better educated on environmental issues. We must balance our environmental concerns with our economic needs.

Tony McConkey: No response.

Michael Anthony Lagana
1. I believe in public service, and I believe Annapolis suffers from a myopic view of the potential solutions to societal problems. I believe new faces with fresh ideas are needed.

2. I possess excellent comprehensive skills. I have a passion for politics, and I believe I can exchange ideas without taking the professional into the personal. I’ve worked directly with attorneys on various legal matters for 15 years.

3. I work hard. I possess strong viewpoints and I’m not afraid to express them, but I will not let it get personal. As an independent candidate, I will not be influenced by party or party leadership; I will be accountable to my constituents.

4. I’m concerned with the amount of growth in my district. Route 301 is starting to look like Waldorf. We need to re-evaluate plans for the 301 corridor. Also, the proposed landfill at Routes 424 and 301 is a concern. If the proposal goes through, we will have the Burns Crossing 424/301 and Bowie dump within some eight miles.

5. I encourage active citizenship and independent political thought. Citizenship is a glue that holds communities together, and I believe the ideas of active citizens truly engaged in the public arena are almost always constructive. This citizenship must be virtuous; only virtuous people can properly administer a republic that is steeped in individual liberty.

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Delegate, A.A.Co. District 33-B
Two candidates compete for one seat in a new district.

Dotty Chaney
1. I am seeking this office to make a positive difference in the quality of life in Anne Arundel County and in Maryland.

2. Anne Arundel County Board of Education, Member: 1985-1995; Carrie Weedon Science Center Board of Directors, President; Board of Scholarships for Scholars, Member; United Way Community Partnership; YWCA Board; Londontowne Public House Foundation; former Superintendent Carol S. Parham’s Task Force on Early Childhood Education, Co-Chair; County Executive Janet S. Owen’s Education Transition Team, Co-Chair; Maryland Higher Education Commission, Commissioner; Served on the Judith P. Hoyer Blue Ribbon Commission; and the Anne Arundel County Local Management Board.

3. I bring an open mind and a willingness to listen to, and research, all sides of an issue. I bring the knowledge and experience of an active, involved lifelong resident of Anne Arundel County along with a deep regard and respect for the people and the places that make Anne Arundel County and Maryland the unique havens that they are.

4. Land preservation and traffic are of great concern to me. The daily congestion on our roads highlights the fact that road infrastructure and transportation issues have not been adequately addressed as development has progressed. Traffic and transportation issues require thoughtful, focused attention — and they require it now. I support programs that preserve agricultural land use: Open Space, Rural Legacy, and Agricultural Preservation.

5. My dream is for all people to have quality opportunities to pursue as they aspire to their highest potentials as students and as citizens in communities that are safe, healthy and lasting.

Bob Costa
1. The state legislature affects the quality of life of all citizens. I have seen our government ignore the citizens of South County and its senior citizens statewide. I want to be their voice in Annapolis.

2. I have served the public nearly my entire life, beginning in the Boy Scouts in Annapolis, then as a firefighter, as a volunteer in the West Annapolis station and a career firefighter in Anne Arundel County. I was elected to the Republican State Central Committee in 1998 and was elected chair in 1999.

3. Honesty, integrity and a desire to help people who need the assistance of our government.

As a father to two young boys, I want to ensure they have opportunity to succeed in Maryland. Education must challenge them as well as provide them the ability to provide for themselves and their families.

As the son of a parent who retired and maintained a mortgage while suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, I want to work to ensure our seniors can continue to afford to live in Maryland and have quality health care and affordable prescription drug coverage.

4. As a resident of South County for over 17 years, I have seen our rural heritage decrease without the necessary support services accompanying growth. There must be a balance of growth and services to provide quality of life for all citizens.

5. That Maryland lead the nation in quality of life. Our senior citizens should stay among our communities, businesses should beg to come to Maryland and our tourism should be envied worldwide.

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Anne Arundel County Executive
For interviews with both candidates, log onto

Janet Owens: Incumbent.
1. I am seeking a second term as county executive to keep this county on the move to become the best county in the state.

2. I have spent most of my professional career in public service. I believe that real leadership requires ability, determination, integrity and grace under pressure. I try to live up to that standard every day I serve as county executive.

3. I bring my four-year record of strengthening public education, preserving four thousand acres from development, fostering high-end business growth, creating new jobs, giving tax relief for seniors, improving bond ratings, managing growth, managing the county’s finances in a conservative manner and improving quality of life.

4. I am very concerned that residential growth be contained when infrastructure is inadequate. For that reason, I have never granted a single school waiver. I believe we must acquire development rights on as much agricultural land as we can before it is too late. I will continue to emphasize green roofs, greenways, strict environmental law enforcement and stream restoration.

5. My vision is to make this county the premiere county in public education, in quality of life, in land preserved from development, in budget management, in growth management, in services and tax relief for seniors, in public safety — and that all of us act as responsible stewards of the environment.

Phil Bissett
1. I believe Anne Arundel County is a wonderful place to live, work and recreate. A clear vision for our future is critical to our success, a vision and plan that offers opportunities for all our citizens.

2. I have spent the last 11 years serving the citizens of this county, as a state legislator and chairman of the county legislative delegation, a member of the county liquor board, a small business owner, youth athletic league coach, active member of the PTA, PTO and CAC and, most importantly, a father of three school-age children. It has been a very rewarding experience.

3. My knowledge and understanding of the people of our county and my in-depth knowledge of the state-county legislative process are assets I believe will benefit our citizens. My proven ability to work with various constituencies to achieve results is valuable. Politics is a people business, and respecting others’ differing views and opinions is a must.

4. A long-range vision, a well thought-out plan, a realistic strategy and some definable goals are necessary to establish a reasonable balance between environmental protection and economic development. This must be achieved and implemented in a manner consistent with our needs.

5. Our vision focuses on three themes:

  1. SMART Education policy: Students Making Achievement on Report cards through Teachers
  2. ARREST Public Safety plan: Accountability, Responsiveness, Respect, Enforcement, Service, Traffic control
  3. CONSERVE Environmental Protection/Economic Development strategy: Compatibility, Opportunity, Need, Strong leadership, Environment, Retention, Vested interest, Economy/economics.

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A.A.Co. Council District 4
Only one can win.

Bill Burlison: Incumbent.
1. I wish to complete my work on the council, which is restricted by a two-term limit.

2. Service in many elective and appointive offices on the local, state and national levels; e.g., states attorney, assistant attorney-general, member of Congress.

3. Experience and achievement with a willingness to work long and hard for my constituents and my county.

4. The most overriding concern is the continued degradation of Chesapeake Bay and the quantity and quality of its habitat. This must be central in our thoughts and actions as we search for the most perfect balance achievable between carefully planned growth and the overall quality of life. The most frustrating countervailing positions are: There must be no further growth and development because of overcrowded schools and roads, etc.; Are we going to make it impossible for people who work in the county to live here, and vice versa?

5. My dream entails a greater determination on the part of our citizens to preserve and conserve the aesthetics and resources of our county and apply a dedication and work ethic to make it happen. There must be a willingness of public officials to make hard choices.

Michael Malone
1. I am seeking the 4th District County Council seat for Anne Arundel County because I can provide independent leadership in the coming difficult economic times. I have a proven track record of community service. I understand the need to maintain the rural atmosphere of Crownsville/Millersville and the need to promote smart growth in Odenton, Russett and Maryland City.

2. Since the age of four, I have lived primarily in Anne Arundel County. I was educated in Anne Arundel County’s public schools and graduated from Arundel Senior High in 1985. I have served as a substitute teacher and held numerous positions with various community service organizations. My community service has included serving as the PTA treasurer for Waugh Chapel Elementary, Hilltop Elementary mentor, Kiwanis Foundation vice president and treasurer, Ruritan president and past board director of the Anne Arundel County Conflict Resolution Center. This background within the county prepares me to represent the citizens of the 4th District.

3. The special strength that I would bring to office is my skill a mediator. In the late 1980s, I received a masters degree in industrial and labor relations and in the early 1990s became a court-appointed mediator. This past council has been described as a “council gone mad.” My skills would help prevent this in the future.

4. I am committed to protecting our environment and resources. I am concerned that our department of planning and code enforcement does not always share the same commitment. I am proud to say my commitment has lead to my endorsement from the Sierra Club of Anne Arundel County.

5. My vision is a county where our school system ranks second to none and education truly is a priority. Where the budget process is taken seriously so we preserve our AAA bond rating. Finally, we deserve a council that instills a sense of pride in our citizens.

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Delegate, A.A.Co. District 30
Seven candidates compete for three seats.

Michael Busch: Incumbent.
1. I am seeking my fifth term as a member of the House of Delegates because I would like to continue working on issues that I feel are important to my constituents: quality education, accessible and affordable health care, a clean environment and a vibrant economy.

2. I have lived in District 30 for over 30 years and have worked as a teacher and a coach. I have been involved with numerous civic associations and in many community activities. I have dedicated the last 16 years of my professional life as a delegate, attending to community and statewide issues of importance.

3. I believe my record in office reflects my ability to analyze issues and bring affected parties together to achieve fair and equitable solutions to problems.

4. I am concerned about overdevelopment and storm water run-off. Both have a negative effect on the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. We need strong enforcement of existing laws in order to control and manage these problems.

5. My vision for all Marylanders is a quality K-12 educational system, accessible and affordable health care, economic opportunity and an environment that produces a quality of life that everyone can take pride in.

Virginia Clagett: Incumbent.
1. I would continue my efforts of 28 years to preserve agricultural lands and be a strong voice for the quality of our Chesapeake Bay. I would continue my 100 percent environmental voting record and continue the high standard of constituent service.

2. I have 20 years on the A.A. County Council, 1974-94, with eight years as chair of the council, 1984-91; eight years as delegate, District 30, 1994-2002.

3. I provide long-term leadership and deep knowledge of the issues facing our district and Maryland, from land use to budget to education.

4. We must continue to fund the acquisition of agricultural and woodland acres in order to protect the quality and quantity of our water resources, from our groundwater to our rivers and coastal bays.

5. I dream of a Maryland whose historic resources — mountains, farms and waterways — will not only survive but be enhanced by our actions; a Maryland where all children can expect equity in education with high standards for all; a Maryland where all receive adequate health care no matter the ability to pay.

Dick D’Amato: Incumbent
1. I enjoy fashioning practical and innovative solutions to problems encountered by citizens. The Maryland legislature is a democratic problem-solving institution that allows me opportunity — through hard work and foresight — to help find practical answers.

2. I have been in public service most of my life, first as a naval officer and then as counsel to highly successful and independent-minded members of Congress, including senators Jim Jeffords, Abe Ribicoff and Robert Byrd for some 25 years. I also run my own private firm advising U.S. companies on national security matters. My legislative experience — together with my training as a lawyer, knowledge of business and the sense of country I gained from naval service — has given me a perspective helpful to representing the diverse constituency of Anne Arundel County.

3. I have had useful experience — at various times as a teacher, writer, officer and particularly in representing District 30 in the General Assembly — creating practical solutions to a wide variety of problems, in education, health care, the environment and law enforcement. I also have learned to be persistent and focused in seeing problems through to the end, not accepting defeat, excuses or pessimism, and I have had inspired mentors who demonstrated how adversity can be overcome through hard work and faith.

4. Water in the Chesapeake Bay region, both quality and quantity, is at an unacceptable level and a daunting challenge. We have to do better. We are losing our groundwater aquifers through overdevelopment, overuse and poor management. We need to understand what is happening to this precious resource and learn to manage it wisely. As the representative of the House of Delegates on the new Maryland Groundwater Commission that I helped to create, we now have an opportunity to find long-term answers.

5. The Bay is also afflicted by poor water quality. Strong rules, renewed attention and new programs must be developed and enforced throughout the region to stabilize and enhance the entire system.

Nancy Almgren
1. I am running for office because I believe my long history of community involvement, business and financial experience — and my desire to bring responsibility and accountability to the General Assembly — will make me an excellent representative of the people.

2. I have a long history of community service in a variety of areas — public education and charities, to name a few. I also have an extensive business and finance background. I was a stockbroker for over 20 years. I believe this experience will bring much needed strength to the General Assembly in dealing with fiscal matters.

3. I bring an in-depth knowledge of financial issues. This is critical in understanding the budgetary crisis in this state, bond issues and stimulating the state’s economy.

4. I am concerned with the rate at which the county is issuing property waivers and variances to builders. If it continues at this rate, agricultural areas and small rural towns will be in jeopardy of being overrun by developers.

5. My vision for Maryland is a state that thrives, economically and socially. A state where business flourishes, a safe and affordable place for families to live, children to receive a quality education and a clean and beautiful environment for all to enjoy.

Mike Collins
1. I am running to improve education, the environment and public safety; to work on electoral reform and spend our tax money responsibly.

2. I have been in public services since I was 18 years old. I have hands-on experience improving worker safety and environmental compliance as well as leadership and business experience.

3. Civility and integrity. I can find consensus and work with disparate groups to find common ground and real-world solutions to problems.

4. Sprawl is gobbling up open land, putting pressure on wetlands and increasing run-off of topsoil and fertilizers and pesticides, hurting the Bay and our quality of life.

5. My goal is for our citizens, government and business communities to work in concert to bring civility of discourse back to the public square; to spend taxpayers’ money wisely while promoting sustainable, sensible economic growth and improving our schools, the Bay and our quality of life.

Herb McMillan
1. I want to serve our district by promoting a balanced agenda of individual empowerment, fiscal reform and free enterprise. These are the keys to meeting our challenges in education, the economy and quality of life.

2. I have served at an executive level as a commander in the Navy Reserve, and I have served as a member of the Annapolis City Council. I have been active in the community as a board member for the Community Action Agency and as president of the West Annapolis PTA.

3. I bring my strong knowledge of the issues and my ability to compromise and build coalitions. As a councilman, I was able to pass three tax cuts and a voter identification law through compromise and coalition building with Democrats on the council.

4. As a result of growth, many retirees on fixed incomes are in danger of losing their homes due to increasing property assessments and taxes. We don’t want Chesapeake Country to lose its diversity of residents. I would propose an income-tax credit for property taxes to ease the burden on our seniors.

5. I have a dream of individual empowerment and growth through a balanced agenda of individual freedom, free enterprise and fiscal reform that honors our American heritage and unlocks the boundless potential of our people.

Green Party
David Gross
1. Civic duty.

2. Citizen.

3. I don’t accept contributions from businesses, corporations, lobbyists or PACS. I will take only $100 from individuals.

4. All.

5. No answer.

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A.A.Co. Council District 5
Only one can win.

George Maloney
1. As a lifelong resident of Anne Arundel County and Severna Park, I have witnessed major changes to our county and in particular to the 5th Council District, many of which have not been for the betterment of our quality of life. As we move forward, we must enact legislation to ensure our county an adequate revenue base to allow for improvement and enhancement of our educational system, our public safety services, our public works infrastructure, our recreational facilities and will allow us to preserve more of our land resources for greenway and agricultural preservation.

2. Through my service on many volunteer boards and commissions, I have proven myself an effective, committed and accountable leader. In civic, community and business organizations, I have proven my ability to achieve positive solutions to difficult issues in an equitable and bi-partisan manner. But what best qualifies me for public serve is that I care. I care about our community, our county and our state, and I have proven my commitment not just with words, but with actions.

3. As a business owner I deal with issues of product delivery, cost containment and revenue generation on a daily basis. Our county government is in essence a business and needs representatives with real business experience. Because I am in the construction business, I have a first hand working knowledge of the issues that have some of the greatest impact on our county, namely land use, zoning, the inspection and permitting process, environment regulation and inspection and capital projects issues. My greatest strength is my ability to work with others, particularly with those of diverse views and backgrounds, to achieve reasonable and workable solutions to difficult problems.

4. One of the major focus points of my campaign is our need to increase and diversify our county’s revenue stream. One solution is to increase our commercial tax base by encouraging commercial growth, particularly of commercial office space. This growth needs to be focused not just as new “greenfield” development but also as redevelopment in existing aging commercial centers.

We need to also focus on the usage in both redeveloped and newly developed areas of mixed-use development containing commercial, retail and residential components. We need to encourage development strategies that contain sprawl, locate development adjacent to or near viable transportation arteries and encourage sustainable communities.

5. We take the proactive actions now that will allow our county to achieve the proper balance of residential, commercial and open-space land uses and at the same time will provide for first-rate educational, public safety and public works services for all of our citizens.

Cathy Vitale: Incumbent.
1. I have been involved in my community for over 20 years, serving as vice president of my community association, vice president of the St. John’s School Board, president of the Paca Brent Inns of Court, council representative to the Greater Severna Park Council and as a member of the Severna Park Chamber of Commerce, just to name a few. I have all along been working hard in the community and look forward to my son growing up with the same conviction and passion for our neighborhoods.

2. I have been a practicing attorney for the 13 years with advocacy skills that are also helpful in representing my constituents. My mediation and arbitration practice has taught me the art of negotiation and compromise, a skill used every day as council member in working with my colleagues. Prior leadership positions in the community together with the results I have achieved while on the council show my ability to be firm but fair and reasonable in handling conflicting issues that come with elected office.

I am the only candidate seeking the 5th District seat to have first hand knowledge and experience working with the day-to-day operations of Anne Arundel County, the budget, its departments and personnel.

3. A proven record of leadership and quality representation in the areas of education, business, the environment and, most of all, effective and caring constituent service. I am a very good listener and I make sure I do my homework before I act. I further believe my constituents can appreciate that whether they agree with my votes or not.

4. Over the last two decades, Anne Arundel County has failed to adequately plan for land-use needs of the future. Consequently, the county spends much of its time correcting the ill-conceived plans of the past. The last two years saw the Severna Park and Broadneck Small Area Plans and comprehensive zoning process finally completed. We now have a blue-print for the future as it relates to land-use on a community-wide basis, rather than parcel by parcel. This is something which I am very proud of.

However, if the county is ever to get a grasp on development, it must decide where and when development is feasible and appropriate. Responsible growth is good for the economy, both commercial and residential. It is the balance of these interests along with the need to protect our quality of life, waterways and open-space that is the tough part.

5. “Legacy” is a word clearer to me when I look into my child’s face. My position on the council is term-limited, but my responsibilities as a citizen are not. I want to know I had a role in making this community a better place for him and those that follow.

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A.A.Co. Council District 6

Barbara Samorajczyk: Incumbent; unopposed.
1. I am seeking re-election to the county council because our quality of life and that of our grandchildren is dependent on the decisions we make today — the real impact of which may not be felt for 10 to 20 years. Yet so often we make decisions based on a short-term focus. We need to change that. Our children deserve better than we are doing today. It is never too late to start doing what is right.

2. My training as an attorney, a degree in business and years of pro-bono work for communities in Anne Arundel County.

3. A history of caring and commitment to make government work for us!

4. The number one issue in Chesapeake Country is storm water run-off and pollution that runs into our streams and chokes the underwater grasses that are the nursery for all of life in Chesapeake Bay. This additional runoff is caused by replacing our natural filters — forests and wetlands — with impervious surfaces such as roads, rooftops and parking lots.

5. My vision is a restored Chesapeake Bay with abundant life. We need to educate the public and change our culture to start making land-use decisions with the same values as the Indians who once occupied this land. They made decisions about how they used the land within the context of the impact on their children’s grandchildren.

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A.A.Co. Council District 7
Only one can win. There is no incumbent.

Bill Rinehart
1. As a lifelong resident of Southern Anne Arundel County and a graduate of Southern High School, I care deeply about our communities. I am committed to preserving our rural heritage and making education a priority.

2. I worked for 33 years with Anne Arundel County Recreation & Parks, retiring as director. I was instrumental in getting millions of dollars for the park system to build over 100 parks and to acquire over 6,000 acres of open space and park land.

3. Hard work, experience, consensus building — a common sense approach and the ability to listen before acting.

4. The potential for more spot zoning near those areas recently developed in Edgewater. If we allow this to happen, all our major corridors will be in danger of excessive commercial growth. We must preserve our rural heritage. We must restrict development of any type to other areas already approved. Following the letter of the law and strict enforcement of critical area legislation is a must when an approved project moves forward. I am deeply committed to the farm preservation and rural legacy programs.

5. As a lifelong resident of Southern Anne Arundel County, I am committed to preserving our quality of life and our rural heritage. As the recommended candidate of our county teachers, firefighters and police officers, I will always make education and public safety a priority. I will be a representative for the entire 7th District.

Ed Reilly
1. Serving as councilman for District 7 is a natural extension of my life activities, being of service to others. For years I’ve been active in church, civic and business organizations.

2. I have been a business owner in the county for 22 years. During this time, I’ve been in thousands of households and hundreds of businesses listening to their concerns and providing advice and council for their issues. I understand the needs of our neighbors.

3. I have a degree in banking and finance from Iona College. I am a financial planner with 28 years of experience. I have successfully run a business in this area. This experience has prepared me to face the difficult budgetary challenges we will be facing in the future.

4. The main problem is that of over development. I am an advocate for the Small Area Planning process where communities decide what their neighborhoods should look like. Protection of the Chesapeake by strict enforcement of our building codes is vital.

5. My vision is for a quality of life which we are proud of: great schools, clean water, quiet neighborhoods, a place to start a family as well as live a content retirement.

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Senator, Calvert County District 27

Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr.: Incumbent.
1. No answer

2. Thirty-two years in elected office (four in the Maryland House of Delegates; 28 in the Maryland Senate) through which I have gained extensive experience in drafting legislation and developing public policy. My experience as an attorney has strengthened my understanding of the law and its practical application to Maryland’s citizens, giving me another perspective from which to consider proposed legislation.

3. Having served as chairman of the Senate’s Judicial Proceedings Committee, and now president of the Maryland Senate for the past 16 years, I’ve gained extensive leadership experience along with a historical perspective that allows me to see beyond short-term solutions, fully understand the impact of legislative changes to our constituents and guide decisions that will serve Marylanders today and into the future.

4. Finding the right balance between growth and preservation is a constant and on-going mission for all residents of the area. As an elected official, I have a responsibility to promote business and economic development yet protect our natural resources. Doing so requires constant vigilance, personal commitment and willingness to support open dialogue on the issues.

5. I work toward the day when excellent K through college educational opportunities are available to all Maryland’s children, with an eye on continued improvements to health care and public safety and support for economic development and transportation initiatives that don’t compromise Maryland’s environment.

Toni Jarboe-Duley
1. I seek the office of state Senate to change the way our legislature is operating in Annapolis and make the legislature more representative of the needs of all Marylanders.

2. My experience in Prince George’s County government — specifically as an administrative aide in the county executive’s office under Lawrence J. Hogan and as a realty specialist negotiating the acquisition of land for public benefit and roadways — has enabled me to serve the public.

3. My special strength I would bring to this office is my tenacity. This strength is demonstrated by my candidacy for this office as I run against a career politician who has been in office nearly 30 years. I promise that along with my tenacious ways I will listen to all sides of an issue and make my decision with the well-being of the people in mind — and not my own personal gain.

4. The land-use problem that is of particular concern to me involves the dumping of wastes into our waterways and the environment. We must preserve the environment for ourselves and future generations.

5. It is time for the right change. We need to bring the voice of the voters back to Annapolis where it belongs. We must make laws that address the concerns of the majority of Marylanders and not the special interest groups.

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Delegate, Calvert County District 27-A
Four candidates compete for two seats in this Prince George’s County district newly extended into Dunkirk and Owings.

Joseph F. Vallario Jr.: Incumbent; no response.

James E. Proctor Jr. Incumbent; no response.

Kenneth S. Brown: No response

Albert Larsen: No response

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Delegate, Calvert County District 27-B

George Owings III: Incumbent; unopposed.
1. Reelection to office of delegate in District 27B. I am running again as I feel I am still contributing and still making a difference.

2. Fifteen legislative sessions as a delegate.

3. Currently, I serve as the House Majority Whip. Also, I am the chair of the Subcommittee on Aquaculture, Environment and Natural Resources.

4. We know that continued growth in the watershed will lead to a further decline in the health of the Bay. For this reason, the state and counties have enacted legislation and ordinances aimed at protection. Even though I have had an active part in this over the years, I am still very concerned about where we will be in 20 years. Efforts are ongoing, and I am a participant.

5. My focus, rather than vision, is to continue trying to make a difference in people’s daily lives through legislation I assist in having passed or, in some cases, having blocked. Reality finds people wanting government to do for them only that which they cannot do: roads, police, fire protection, etc.

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Delegate, Calvert County District 29-C
Only one can win.

Pat Buehler
1. I have a record of helping people, communities and small business.

2. Ten years on the Calvert County Board of Commissioners.

3. No one serving Calvert County in the Senate or House has any local government experience.

4. Government spends lots of taxpayers’ money on green space and farm preservation, and then taxpayers are not permitted to use the land for passive or active recreation. Also lots of property is already non-buildable, but state pays big money for it.

5. I live on a farm, and that was handed down by three generations of family, but I live next door to a subdivision and I can see the need for more open space. I also think any land taxpayers pay for should be open to the public.

There will never be enough money for government to purchase what it needs. We have to allow more public and private ways to preserve open space, for instance revolving loan funds at low interest rates, more cluster-development retirement communities. This is the only true way you can enjoy open space; when local and state governments get involved as land holders, the gates are always locked.

Anthony J. O’Donnell: Incumbent.
1. I am seeking re-election to the Maryland House of Delegates, District 29C — Calvert and St. Marys counties, to continue my public service and bring common-sense experience, independence and integrity to the office. I want to be a representative of the people and not powerful political interests.

2. I am a U.S. Navy veteran and graduate of the Navy’s nuclear propulsion program. I have worked in private industry for the last 15 years with a broad range of leadership and supervisory experience. I have a bachelor of science degree from the University of the State of New York, Regents College. I have eight years experience in Maryland state government as a legislator. I have been an active member of the Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland for the last eight years and have served on that organization’s executive board for the last seven years.

3. I have a clear record of fiscal responsibility and integrity. I will be invaluable in tackling the tough fiscal and policy issues facing the state of Maryland. Additionally, I have the experience of working at the state level to protect our region’s military installations from base closure and realignment. We are facing another round of base closures in 2005, and my experience will be a positive influence on protecting the Patuxent River Naval Air Station in my district.

4. Through poor policy decisions by the Glendening-Townsend administration, Maryland is killing our agricultural and farming community. This serves to push our farmers towards selling their property, which is then used for residential development. This puts a great burden on our infrastructure such as roads and schools and is very harmful to the environment and Chesapeake Bay.

I would rather see policies such as my effort to foster oyster aquaculture be used to clean up the Bay and protect our agricultural community. Farmers could use oyster aquaculture to manage nutrient run-off and still be engaged in producing a sellable product. Farms would be less likely to sell land to development interests. The environment would be cleansed by the oysters, and it would done with much less burden and expense than the current regulatory efforts. I want to continue to pursue the efforts I have begun in this area.

5. My vision is open, honest government that respects freedom and provides solid educational opportunities, equal justice under law and protection of our environment. I envision respect for traditional family values and frugal use of taxpayers’ dollars from the state government. I will fight to protect our freedom and constitutional rights.

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Calvert County Board of Commissioners
Five seats to be won in at-large voting. In the General Election, each voter selects up to five candidates regardless of party or district. The highest vote-getters in Districts 1, 2, 3 are elected to represent those districts, with the next two highest winning at-large seats on the Board of Commissioners.

Grace Mary Brady
1. There are some very important things that need attention: improving transportation, especially Route 2/4 (I am concerned that long commute times keep parents from being with their children); maintaining high quality education; better budget deliberations to avoid tax increases.

2. I am a native Calvert Countian and have been involved in federal, state and county government for more than 20 years. I have worked for state delegates Thomas A. Rymer (also a judge), Jim Rosapepe (ambassador to Romania), Barbara Frush and Brian Moe. I currently work for Del. Pauline Menes in the Maryland General Assembly in Annapolis. I also have worked for Congressman Roy Dyson on Capitol Hill and in the Anne Arundel County Zoning Hearing Office. My unique experience comes from being a Calvert County planning commissioner.

3. I am intimately familiar with planning and zoning issues. Therefore I know what actions are necessary to achieve the goals outlined in the Calvert County Comprehensive Plan. It is one thing to make plans; it is quite another to take the necessary hard actions and make appropriate budget decisions to implement the plans.

4. I am concerned about the horrific population increases and how we can best serve this population without losing our core values, without further degradation of our environment and without taxing our citizens beyond their ability to pay. I believe funding infrastructure needs will improve services in our increased density areas, the Town Centers, which is the best way to save our agriculture and open space lands.

5. The goals as set forth in our Comprehensive Plan express my vision for the county: to promote sustainable development and encourage good economic development, while preserving our natural, cultural and historic assets.

Eugene ‘Gene’ Karol
1. I am very concerned that we maintain the quality of life that we have in Calvert County. As a commissioner, I can help make the right decisions to enable us to continue that quality of life for the current population and generations to come.

2. I have spent my whole professional career as a public servant. I have served as a teacher, administrator, superintendent of schools and university dean. I served for 13 years as the superintendent of schools for the Calvert County Public School System.

3. I believe that my management experience with large bureaucracies, governmental budgets and responding to the needs of the public have prepared me to provide the kind of leadership now needed from our county commissioners.

4. Traffic on Route 2/4 is a very serious problem caused by growth. Route 2/ 4 is carrying traffic from both St. Mary’s and Charles counties in addition to our own county’s traffic. Any reasonable approach to the achievement of a solution must be with state assistance. We need to work with our state delegation to solve this problem.

5. My vision as a commissioner would be to maintain strong public schools, provide a wide range of recreational activities for all ages, solve the traffic and transportation problems associated with Route 2/4, develop a much stronger commercial tax base and open more effective channels of communication with the public.

Wilson Parran
1. I am dedicated to quality education and services for families and communities. I have experience in business and technology and have demonstrated leadership at the local, state and national levels. I have dedicated my life to serving our community. I want to use my many years of experience to serve our county.

2. I have an AA degree in computer science, BS in organizational behavior and MS in information systems.

I bring over 25 years of experience in business, having served in positions from entry level to executive. My career in technology began at AT&T and moved to Bell Atlantic, Frontier Information Technologies, KPMG, Calvert County government and Maryland Department of Natural Resources. I am also president of Windspeed Technologies.

My dedication to the community includes serving on the Calvert County Board of Education for six years, as well as president of the Maryland Association of Boards of Education. I served on the Maryland State Board of Education for five years, as president in 1989-1990. I am a member of the College of Southern Maryland Board of Trustees.

I have also been president of Calvert Alliance Against Substance Abuse (two terms); Calvert Memorial Hospital Foundation; and director, Adult Day Care Board.

I have been a member of County’s Economic Development Commission; Economic Development Authority; Democratic Central Committee; and Annmarie Garden Foundation. I also served four years in the United States Air Force.

3. The county commissioners play an important role in shaping a community’s culture, traditions and well-being. They make policy decisions that impact a community for years to come. Therefore, Calvert County needs commissioners with the experience and professionalism to effectively represent the citizens as well as work with others at all levels of government.

I have those qualities, plus the sensitivity, understanding and educational and professional background to make decisions that benefit the citizens of Calvert County.

4. Calvert County has grown over 45 percent in 10 years. These growing pains have created traffic problems, straining our school resources and county services. Clearly Calvert County will continue to grow; however, growth in both the residential and commercial sectors must be effectively managed. We must continue to balance the use of land to preserve our rural landscape, to grow our commercial tax base and to manage residential growth.

5. In my vision, Calvert County is a great place to live, work, raise a family, go to school and operate a business. Our communities are safe and healthy. Our government is effective and not a barrier in providing services to its citizens. Our leaders conduct business with utmost integrity.

Thomas M. Pelagatti
1. The new Board of Commissioners will have to make some tough financial decisions to fully fund the needs of the residents, such as education, ball fields, indoor pools and transportation. I am not confident the majority of the current board is prepared to handle these decisions.

2. I have resigned my position as Orphans’ Court judge to run for county commissioner. I am a practicing attorney with my own practice, current president of the Red Cross for Calvert County, past Exalted Ruler of Calvert Elks Lodge 2620 and a member of other numerous civic and charitable organizations.

3. I have the experience and insight to make a substantial contribution to the county as a commissioner and to make the educated choices and recommendations necessary to foster and promote the welfare of the residents of Calvert County. I pledge to bring civility, courtesy and common sense to the Board of Commissioners for Calvert County.

4. Obviously, the rapid growth in the past few years has led to a strain on county services and schools. Traffic is not just a county problem, but a regional problem as well. Unfortunately, the past Board of Commissioners has not tried to tackle this problem in future planning. This is one of the reasons we have the current traffic congestion in the county.

5. My vision is to continue to make Calvert County the “pleasant land of living.”

Barbara Stinnett: Incumbent
1. I have unfinished business in the Senior Center in North Beach and goals for recreation needs.

2. I bring fiscal responsibility and a common-sense approach to government. I am a people person.

3. My strengths are my background in management, accounting and eight past years of service as a county commissioner, plus fairness and compassion for citizens.

4. Still too much residential growth. We need a commercial tax base to balance.

5. A county of rural character, balanced with commercial tax base, where families can live in safety, good health and good environment with good recreational and educational access; where seniors can enjoy productive years in comfort and security and where we all (both long-time and new residents) can live in harmony.

Jerry Clark
1. As commissioner of Calvert County, I will continue to support the growth management and agricultural preservation initiatives in place and continue to look for ways to improve on them. I will also work to see that the rural quality of life that we all enjoy now is passed on to the next generation.

2. I have been a successful business owner and resident of Calvert County for 26 years and have the reputation as a person who cares about Calvert’s residents and small business owners. I am a charter member of the Solomons Island Business Association and served as the association’s president. I also served as treasurer of the Calvert County Chamber of Commerce. I have also served on the board of Annmarie Garden. Other community groups that I support are Safe Harbor Women’s Clinic, ARC of Southern Maryland and the Calvert Marine Museum.

3. Integrity, honesty and common sense. Having been a retailer in Calvert County for many years, I believe that I earned the respect of my fellow residents and business owners. By working on many committees in the Solomons area of the county, I have shown the ability to work with others to achieve the goals that we were charged to accomplish.

4. Houses! Residential growth is the biggest problem we have to be concerned with. We have a great quality of life in Calvert County — great schools, low crime, beautiful shore lines and wonderful residents — so it is only natural that more and more families would look to live here. We have to control our growth in a way that preserves the things families move here for.

5. That the citizens of the county from the northern end to southern end be able to enjoy a life style that is rural in character. To have schools that are surpassed by none and to use our natural resources in a way that preserves them for the generations to come.

David Hale: Incumbent
1. I am seeking re-election to continue pursuing four objectives: preventing residential development from overrunning Calvert County; keeping the Calvert education system as one of the best in Maryland; continuing our strong economic development initiatives; and maintaining a strong fire and rescue service and law enforcement presence.

2. Extensive experience from the last four years as county commissioner. I have served as president of the board since December 2000, and I have excellent relationships with most everyone in our educational system. I know the educational and county budgeting process and the players at each step, and I understand the costs of major initiatives such as class-size reduction, new-school openings and all-day kindergarten. I also have a vested interest in our school system since my children will one day attend our schools.

3. My ability to be logical and review all sides of an issue prior to voting, as well as my ability to team with anyone necessary to better serve the citizens of Calvert County.

4. My greatest growth concern is that residential development may someday overrun our county if we do not diligently protect our farms and other open spaces. We must balance residential growth with commercial development and ensure that we do not exceed our school or road capacities, increase our crime rate or overstress our volunteer fire and rescue service.

5. My vision is that Calvert County always has open spaces with a rural look, great schools, low crime and a strong economy. I want everyone who lives outside of Calvert County to wonder how we kept it so great.

Linda L. Kelley: Incumbent.
1. As your Calvert County commissioner for the past eight years, I have actively supported growth management and agricultural-preservation initiatives. I am seeking another term to continue those initiatives into the future to ensure quality of life for Calvert County citizens.

2. In addition to eight years as county commissioner, I have a strong background of 29 years of federal administrative and program management. As president of the Dunkirk Concerned Citizens Association for eight years, I gained extensive experience in dealing with a wide range of zoning issues and proposals that had significant impact on county citizens. As a member of the Ethics Commission, the Citizens Advisory Committee and the Safe Harbor Board, I was able to deal with significant issues impacting county citizens.

3. Honesty, integrity and accountability. I consider the highest responsibility of a county commissioner to be the stewardship of the public tax dollar. I have been honest and forthright in my service, and I have not been shy to make an unpopular vote in the face of special interests. I am the one who asks, ‘How much?’ and ‘Where is the money coming from?’ I believe that government should operate in full view, and I do not support deals made in the back room. I do extensive homework in making any decision or vote, and believe I do the right thing rather than the political thing.

4. The most pervasive problem facing Calvert County is residential growth. Growth drives the budget. It creates the expensive need for the full range of county services, including more schools, roads and recreational programs. Growth management has been a key element in my platform. I have actively worked to enact measures to stem the tide of expensive residential development and initiated actions that have reduced future build-out. These actions have eliminated at least 14,000 future houses. That equates to 8,354 students for whom we will not have to build new schools in the future.

I am a long-time supporter of agricultural-preservation programs. While I was president of the board, an innovative agricultural-preservation program was enacted, resulting in 6,000 acres preserved since 1998, an increase of 43 percent over prior efforts. A total of 20,000 acres has been preserved, thus avoiding new housing starts on that land. These initiatives are critical to preserving the quality of life and rural character of the county that we all enjoy. For the first time in decades, we are preserving more land than we are developing.

5. We live in a true community. Citizens enjoy a quality of life that embraces our rural character and heritage. We are safe; it is a good place to raise children. Educational and job opportunities abound. We have low density housing and abundant recreational opportunities. It is a good place to call home.

Susan Shaw
1. I would like to serve as a Calvert County commissioner, providing conservative and wise spending of your tax dollars, a slowed rate of residential growth, broader business growth, enhanced opportunities for children and families and transportation solutions, while preserving our rural character.

2. Preparing me to serve you, bringing high ethical standards and professionalism are my 30-plus years as a civic leader (details at; my education, including a masters degree and continuing education; my experience in management, small business ownership and as a clinical social worker/psychotherapist; my demonstrated values of fiscal conservatism along with my love for Calvert.

3. Proven innovative leadership by a concerned, results-oriented citizen, small business owner and entrepreneur. I am a manager: educated and experienced; a person recognized for her ethics and integrity, consensus and coalition-building and fiscal conservatism.

4. By choosing Susan, you choose: Commitment to slower, smarter, sustainable growth in Calvert; a zoning advocate since 1975 who will comprehensively review the zoning code; respect for Calvert’s historical, agricultural and maritime industries; innovative ideas for expanding green corridors while advancing eco-tourism; preservation of rural character, open spaces, wildlife habitats, conservation easements.

5. A Calvert County that uses funds wisely, avoiding tax increases; maintains a sustainable rate of residential growth; thrives economically with an increasing commercial tax base; moves safely and efficiently by road, bicycle and public transportation; provides a quality education for children and adults; actively values its environment.

Roger R. Tracy
This text has been edited from the replies of campaign manager Robin C. Marshall.
1. As commissioner, Mr. Tracy will be fiscally conservative, present innovative plans to reduce taxes and change the mindset of government. One of his favorite quotes comes from the father of our country, George Washington: “Government is not reason, it is not eloquent. It is force.”

2. Owner and operator of Tracy's Appliance, which has been in business in Calvert County for over 30 years. Elected to the Republican Central Committee for three terms and served as chairman for two terms, making the Republican Party of Calvert grow so that Calvert has become a two-party system. This has enabled voters of Calvert to have a choice when going to the polls.

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