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 Vol. 10, No. 46

November 14-20, 2002

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First Words from Calvert First-Time Commissioner-Elect Shaw

Dear Bay Weekly:
I am writing to thank the voters of Calvert County for electing me as the 2nd District Commissioner. It is very humbling, indeed, to realize that over 12,500 individuals have expressed confidence in me, my ability and my message.

Many, many friends, both old and new, played key roles in my success. Mounting a campaign is daunting and requires all kinds of help. The variety of tasks and talents needed is broad. I am in awe of my campaign team and volunteers and the expertise in so many areas that they donated so generously under the capable leadership of my campaign chair, Patt Parker. To say that I am grateful is an understatement for which words are inadequate.

Our campaign slogan has been ‘Together, we can make a difference.’ We all believed this theme to be true, with the voters’ help we have taken the first step, and now I look forward with great optimism to working with all of you, from all parts of the county, to make that difference in Calvert, the county we love.

Thank you!
— Susan Shaw, Calvert County 2nd District Commissioner-Elect

Use That Skateboard Properly

Dear Bay Weekly:
I read Brent Seabrook’s article regarding skateboards in one of your recent editions (Vol. X, No. 33, Aug. 15). I hope he will take a tour with me in the Annapolis downtown area to see how much permanent damage exists due to the skateboarders’ lack of caring and responsibility.

One example is the historic wall of a downtown inn on State Circle. The damage is there for the life of the wall, which is chipped, scarred and ugly.

There are numerous similar evidences of illegal activity in the Market House Plaza: walls permanently scarred and benches destroyed. Cross over to the City Dock area, and you will find the same type of damage. The park near the city’s recreation building along Compromise Street exhibits the same type of thoughtless activity.

The subject was brought before the city council several years ago, and a former alderwoman, Terri deGraff, defended the activities of the skateboarders and urged the city to build a park for the activity. Fine. Just make sure they build a 10-foot fence around it with barbed wire.

Finally, a group of three or four youngsters brought their automobiles to the front of Maryland Hall on a weekend, unloaded a ramp and proceeded to use this to skateboard and jump into the newly decorated front gardens of the arts center. They wouldn’t take the advice of a neighbor to cease and desist, and only when a policeman gave them a little love and a smile did they move on. A trip to police headquarters would not have been inappropriate.

Parents, wake up. Make sure that skateboard is used properly.
— Arthur Greenbaum, Annapolis

Department of Corrections

It was Delacroix’s, not Gericault — Liberty that inspired artist Lali’s Bay Weekly Vote! cover of October 31 (Vol. X, No. 44). The error was the editor’s, not the artist’s.

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