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 Vol. 10, No. 47

November 21-27, 2002

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About Those Republicans

Dear Bay Weekly:
Your last week’s editorial “Ten Reasons to Keep an Eye on Those Republicans” (Vol. X, No. 46, Nov. 14) reads a tad bitter. For someone who usually waxes objective, your hard-line party arrogance is astounding. As a member of the GOP, I am not particularly proud of being put in the position of your enemy. “Those Republicans” are not the problem. Maybe you should reflect upon “Those Democrats” who crossed party lines to threaten your political comfort by electing a majority of Republicans. Why must it always be us against them? As a wise man once said, “Can’t we all just get along?”

—Lisa Edler, Annapolis

Editor’s note: We’re hoping that with this week’s editorial, Edler, a member of Bay Weekly’s advertising staff, enjoys a second helping of the art of satire.

More about Those Republicans
Dear Bay Weekly:
I find it sad that you used your editorial space in the Nov. 14 edition of your informative paper to put forth such a losers’ display of sour grapes concerning the recent election. The fact that not only did the Democrat party locally lose the governors’ seat as well as a number of congressional seats as well as the many national Senate and House seats clearly shows that it is you who is out of touch with the desires of the people of Maryland and the country.

Many of us consider the recent elections in Maryland to be a breath of fresh air, the clearing out of years of one-party rule, excessive taxation and spending programs, the decline of education, the increase in drug use and the increase in crime, particularly crimes involving firearms. I hope that your fine newspaper will continue to be successful and will actually further prosper under the new two-party system of government that we now enjoy in our fair state of Maryland.

—Richard Canova, Silver Spring

Missed the Bus
Dear Bay Weekly:
Thank you for featuring the city of Annapolis Department of Transportation’s new route, C-40, in the Nov. 7 article “Where No Bus Has Gone Before” (Vol. X, No. 45). Starting January 13, 2003, C-40 will bring unprecedented public transit to Edgewater, connecting residents to opportunities in Annapolis, Arnold and Anne Arundel Community College.

However, several of the article’s points should be clarified. First, we were shocked to read the lead sentence “City buses are a rare sight in Annapolis,” because this is not the case. Nine buses and three trolleys operate Monday through Saturday, four buses on Sunday. They are not are a rare sight but provide nearly 4,000 trips per day.

Second, the article states “Besides Sky Blue, Annapolis buses have never been seen on county roads.” This, too, is inaccurate because Annapolis Transit has served West Street, Jennifer Road, Riva Road, Defense Highway, Bestgate Road and other county roads for years.

Finally, the article quotes Ginger Doyel as saying “C-40 is laying the foundation for a county-wide transit authority.” In her communication with Bay Weekly, this was expressed as a “hope” and personal “opinion.” This statement was not made as a fact nor to represent the department’s official view. However, we believe that increased cooperation between city and county, as exemplified by the new route C-40, will become necessary in the future.

—Paul Foer, City of Annapolis Department of Transportation

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