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 Vol. 10, No. 48

November 27- December 4, 2002

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No Pink Elephants on Carr’s Creek

Dear Bay Weekly:
Flocks of herring gulls frequently inhabit Carr’s Creek in back of my home. November 17, we were shocked to see a beautiful pink gull in the midst of the flock. It was the same size and obviously the same species. It had the usual gray on the external sides of the wings and the usual black wing tips. The only difference was a flamingo-like pink color in place of the white. Thus, while in flight, the entire underside was pink.

We observed it again, but only briefly, the next day, but have not seen it since.

I have a video tape of it in the water and in flight using a zoom lens, but it’s of relatively poor quality because the shots were 60-100 yards distant and the skies were cloudy. But the color is unmistakable.

I just sent a similar e-mail to the Maryland “rare bird watch” website. Here’s what Edith Thompson, of Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife & Heritage Service, said about this aberration.

During certain scientific research, birds may be dyed pink for future identification. The only way that flamingos and spoonbills retain their color is by feeding on certain small crustaceans that typically live in warmer waters. This is probably not the case for this gull; it is more than likely part of a research project.

Thanks for your interest!
Charles Gill, Deale

A Few Words of Thanks

Dear Bay Weekly:
I hope you will publish my letter and poem of thanks for the September 17 benefit at the Rams Head on Stage in support of my challenge against advanced Lyme Disease. My family and I are overwhelmed with appreciation and touched by kindness and unconditional love.

I send heartfelt thanks to my talented soul brothers and sisters who graced the stage with their sensational music and who donated their valuable time. Infinite hugs to:

Matt McConville & Friends, Ram’s Head Tavern, Eva Cassidy Foundation, WRNR 103.1 FM, my true-blue friends at Bay Weekly, The Capital Newspaper, all local media supporters, all businesses and artists who contributed to the raffle, and each and every loving soul who filled a seat in the room.

To my loving, steadfast soul mates and confidants, who continually bring sunshine, comfort and energy to my bedside, even on the darkest days: I send eternal thanks.

I was not able to attend the benefit, but I viewed a videotape of the evening and witnessed one of the most touching and inspirational moments of my journey. So many of you joined together in a joyous celebration of life. For this, I am grateful. Your generosity attests to this community’s exemplary collective consciousness. You affirm the importance of connection and altruism. You are a radiant role model.

Annapolis Rainbow
Chesapeake rain turns to summer fog
Settling in my dense hollow
Layers of light poke thru September leaves
Radiance fills my window
A rainbow gently blankets my cheek
Arc connecting sky to earth, earth to sky
Celebrating you and I

—Mary Byrd Brown, Severna Park

OSS Deserves Better Company

Dear Bay Weekly:
Taking exception to one reference in “Ten Reasons to Keep an Eye on Those Republicans” (Vol. X, No. 46, Nov. 12): the OSS, predecessor of my old employer, deserves better company than you give it. Indeed, one of its most distinguished alumnae is your cover girl, Julia Child.

It was a tough election for us visceral Democrats.
—Chris May, Deale

Editor’s note: OSS, for the Office of Special Services, was the predecessor of the CIA.

More on Those Republicans

Dear Bay Weekly:
Re “Ten Reasons to Keep an Eye on Those Republicans” (Vol. X, No. 46, Nov. 12).

The election is over, Marylanders have spoke, get over it.

[email protected]

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