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 Vol. 10, No. 49

December 5-11, 2002

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Animal Control Will Help the Animals

Dear Bay Weekly:
Reading Veronica Megihan’s commentary, “Our Peaceable Kingdom” [Nov. 27, Vol. X, No. 48] nearly broke my heart. It was devastating to hear about the abuse, neglect and murder of some of the animal residents of Drum Point Road. While it is too late to save Buddy and the ducks, I do hope the human residents will contact the Anne Arundel County Animal Control at 410/222-8900 and report that neglectful owner before the kitten suffers a similar fate. Animal Control has the resources to follow up on animal cruelty issues, and could also have stepped in and alleviated the suffering of both Buddy and the poisoned ducks. Please, let’s not enable the abuse to continue.

— Joan Schramm, Annapolis

More on Those Republicans

Dear Bay Weekly:
In regards to your editorial of 14 November 2002, “Ten Reasons to Keep an Eye on Those Republicans” [Vol. X, No. 46]. Yes, it’s about time the voters of this state woke up to put them in charge. The so-called Commycrats have been doing one hell of a job, unless of course losing over three billion dollars in the last four years is OK.

Then look at Anne Arundel. We are in the hole, but Executive Owens gives everybody a raise using up another $1.1 million. How about the slots they seem to be against? Now that’s a real laugh. I’ve counted seven things you can gamble on that we already have, so what’s one more going to hurt?

When I look at the way this state has been run over the past 30 years, the Mafioso could have run it better, and sure enough every bill would be paid and there would be a surplus in the Treasury.

As to your comment about the window washing assignments, those Democrats might take that up instead of sitting on their asses.

—George Munson, Churchton

What About Those Dems?

Dear Bay Weekly:
I’ve noticed and you probably have too that your editorial about “Those Republicans” [Nov. 14, Vol. X, No. 46] elicited a lot of panicky-sounding defense. I’m betting you don’t hear a word from “Those Democrats,” who took an equal drubbing [Nov. 21, Vol. X, No. 47].

Is it because they’re able to stand up to the truth? Or is it because broadminded people accept the right of everyone to voice their opinion?

By the way, I’m an Independent.

—Sonia Linebaugh, Fairhaven

Battle Creek Nature Education $8,000 Richer

Dear Bay Weekly:
Please accept our sincere thanks for the generous support of our recent annual Wild Auction. The auction raised over $8,000 again this year. The funds raised by the auction will benefit the environmental education programs co-sponsored by the Battle Creek Nature Education Society in Calvert County’s Parks and beyond. The generosity of businesses and individuals like you enable us to further our mission.

—Dwight Williams for the Battle Creek Nature Education Society

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