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 Vol. 11, No. 1

January 2-8, 2003

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Memorial Landmarks Revisited

Dear Bay Weekly:
I was pleasantly surprised to find information about your article “Memorial Landmarks” [Dock of the Bay: Vol. 10, No. 21 reprised in The Bay Weekly Year in Review: Dec. 26, Vol. 10, No. 52] in my e-mail this week. I immediately went to check it out. Thank you so much for printing it.

My daughter, Lisa Winslow, was one of the women whose memory was honored there by the brigade of midshipmen.The article was well-written (although there were a few small mistakes) and the picture is the first picture I’ve seen of it since the new memorials were added nearby.

Some additional facts your readers may be interested in: The garden was the brainchild of former midshipman Jason Berger; the plantings were originally done by the Mids themselves during the weeks leading up to 1994’s graduation; and the wording on each plaque was written by that woman’s family, one last thing each of us could do for the daughters we loved so much. If you get a chance, do stop and see the garden that love planted. Then, go do something for someone you love, now, while they are still here to appreciate it, and tell them Lisa sent you.

— Betty Winslow: bettywinslow@wcnet.org, Mother of Midn. 1/c Lisa M. Winslow, USNA Class of 1994

Republicans Make War on the Environment

Dear Bay Weekly:
Remember how Georgie-boy wanted to let more arsenic into the water? Now he is going to let asthma- (and greenhouse-) aggravating emissions into the air. While television distracts us with his war on Iraq, the president and his pals make war on the environment.

They are led by an unholy trinity: Jim Inhofe (R-Oklahoma), chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee); Pete Domenici (R-New Mexico), chair of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee; and Gail Norton, head of the Department of the Interior.

Chairman Jim has gotten Gail to loosen limits on power-plant emissions. Fifteen states disagree. New Jersey, for example, set a state goal for greenhouse-gas reduction by 2005. Massachusetts put its own cap on emissions from six major plants. Republicans hate this.

In Western states, it now rains when it should snow. More water flows at the wrong time, less at the right time. California, to correct this basic change in nature, ordered cuts in car/truck emissions. Georgie and his Detroit pals have gone to court to block the cuts.

And with more green topics arising in Congress — water quality, endangered species, forest-fire management, toxic clean-ups — Republicans have many more juicy chances to sin.

Chairman Pete wants a bill to disable greens from going to court to block drilling, logging and mining on federal land. But most methods will be sneakier: attach anti-green riders to spending bills, cut money for enforcing green regulations, cut the regulations themselves while calling it reform and pack the federal courts with anti-green judges.

In 1994, Newt Gingrich declared the Republicans to be anti-green. This helped re-elect Bill Clinton in 1996. The voters could easily send Republicans a similar message in 2004.
— J.A. Hoage, Severna Park

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