Volume XI, Issue 12 ~ March 20-26, 2003

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Letters to the Editor

Thank you, Marriageland

Dear Bay Weekly:
I wa
nt to share the magic we found here within Chesapeake Bay this year.

Picture this if you will:

Two friends of 15 years, separated by states, due to personal goals and relationships, both simultaneously finding themselves single. After a loss of contact, there was a reconnection, and I flew up here, to her, to what I now call ‘Marriageland.’

There must be something in the air here, because as we sat on the exquisite shores of the Chesapeake Bay, under a nearby full moon, entranced with the boats and the beauty of the Bay, a wave embraced us, and we finally realized we were in love.

Fifteen years in the making, through seven states, we found true love, here in Annapolis. For me, Marshall, it was the most magical, eye-opening experience of my life.

Our wedding date is set for May 16, 2003.

Thank you, Marriageland.

— Marshall Zepp & Leesa Jones (soon to be Zepp), Annapolis

Where’s the Artist?

Dear Bay Weekly:
We recently acquired a painting by Joan Howe, and were searching the Web for more information about her, and where more of her paintings may be available. We came upon your publication of June 14-20, 2001 (Vol. IX, No. 24), that includes a quotation by her. Can you tell us where she can be found, and/or if there are any galleries that carry her work?

— Ken Kaufman, Skaneateles, New York

Editor’s Note: The article in question was “Painting Papa Burton,” and Joan Howe was one of the dozen-plus artists of the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts portrait cooperative for whom Burton sat as model for six weeks two years ago. With the help of Maryland Hall, the Kaufmans found their artist in Annapolis.

Remembering the Martin Luther King Dinner

Dear Bay Weekly:
I want to use this forum to thank the citizens of Anne Arundel County for their unwavering support of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. awards dinner that has been held for the last 15 years. Dr. King, who helped to change the course of this nation, made America a better nation. He, along with Malcolm X, helped to raise the consciousness of people throughout the world on issues involving human rights, peace and war.

Already, a group of dedicated volunteers is planning the 2004 celebration. As chair of this annual event, I wanted to express my appreciation for the support that we have received. This year, more than 1,200 persons attended the dinner. It was the largest celebration of Dr. King’s birthday in this region
A Luta Continua,

— Carl O. Snowden, Anne Arundel County Intergovernmental Relations Officer

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