Volume XI, Issue 16 ~ April 17-23, 2003

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Letters to the Editor

Pugh’s the Champ

Dear Bay Weekly:
Matt Pugh’s story on his first career boxing match was a great first-person perspective. He did a good job with the sights and sounds of the boxing gym while giving a little glimpse into the characters involved. I also thought he did a good job detailing the energy, excitement and nervousness of those few minutes before the bell rang. I wish he had given a few more details into the changes in his life while he was boxing, but I still really enjoyed the piece.

The story was a great read and it made me want to go hit a heavy bag.

— Christopher Heagy, Cape St. Claire

Thanks to Wildlife Rescue Heroes

Dear Bay Weekly:
My wife, Mary, and I would like to send our sincerest, heartfelt gratitude to Wildlife Rescue (formerly Wild Bird Rescue) and their volunteers Gerta, Dave and Donna for their valiant efforts in rescuing a Canada goose from a certain slow, painful demise.

Mary and I live on Parkers Creek in Deale. We were working in our yard Saturday afternoon April 5 around 3pm, when I noticed a Canada goose acting abnormally. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that the poor goose had fishing line wrapped around its neck and head in such a way that it could not raise its head. The head was swollen to three times normal.

I tried the usual sources where I would expect to get help: DNR (Does Not Respond) police, who gave me the number of what they termed a wildlife hotline (877/463-6497), which doesn’t seem to work on weekends; Chesapeake Wildlife Sanctuary (301/871-4881), which didn’t call back; friends and relatives, who could not help. I finally searched the net and found Wild Bird Rescue (410/288-4546) in Baltimore.

The proprietor, Gerta, called me back within the hour and said she would find a way to help. She contacted Arnold volunteers Dave and Donna, who called me around 8pm. They came down around 11am Sunday, and we were able to catch the ailing goose. I rowed while Dave netted with a large fishing net. The goose’s mate was frantic, honking at our attempts to catch its mate.

The goose was in bad shape, with the fishing line cutting into the swollen neck and head. Dave and Donna immediately rushed the bird up to Gerta’s facility in Dundalk.

Monday morning Gerta called and let me know that the goose would survive. She had been able to remove the 40-pound-test line without incident. She took the goose to a vet that day for further treatment (antibiotics and blood tests). Tuesday morning Donna called and said they were bringing back the goose. We released it around 6pm that evening.

There was almost immediate recognition from its mate, and they went into the water as the other two dozen geese in the yard honked and ran toward them. Today they are back to normal activities. We can still recognize our rescued goose because of the ruffled neck feathers where the fishing line had been.

To find out more about Wildlife Rescue visit www.geocities.com/Heartland/Prairie/2313/wildbird.html

If you’d like to volunteer, or if you have questions contact Wildlife Rescue (formerly Wild Bird Rescue), P.O. Box 35413, Baltimore, MD 21222 • 410/288-4546.

— Don Avery and Mary Cardyn, Deale

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