Volume XI, Issue 19 ~ May 8-14, 2003

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Not Just for Kids

Give Mom a Pocketful of Posies for Mother’s Day
by Martha Blume

Ring around the rosy, a pocketful of posies …
Huh? What’s a ‘posy’? Is it really something you’d want your pocket filled with?

Posy is an old-fashioned word for a small bouquet of flowers. Women used to receive posies as tokens of affection. Moms still like flowers. You can always make Mom feel special by giving her flowers, and Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion.

You can make mom a pocketful of posies for Mother’s Day, with just a few supplies, so no need to break your piggy bank. Here’s how.

You’ll need:

  1. A piece of construction paper or other decorative paper like wallpaper samples, craft paper or heavy wrapping paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Stapler
  4. Stickers, yarn or ribbons for trim
  5. Mom’s favorite flowers

Cut the paper to form a square, about 7 by 7 inches. Save a strip of paper for the handle. Bring two sides together to form a cone and staple it shut. Staple the extra strip to the top to form a handle. Decorate the pocket with ribbons and stickers to cover the staples, if you like. Add Mom’s favorite flowers and hang it on her door. The flowers will last longer if you put them in a sandwich bag or plastic wrap with a bit of water in the bottom. Rubber band the bag to the flower stems before putting them in the pocket.

What Else Does Mother Want?
Update: from Bay Weekly, Vol. III, No. 19

Back when Bay Weekly was very young, writer Sonia Linebaugh asked mothers what they really want for Mother’s Day. Here are some more good choices:

  • A bouquet of flowers that you’ve picked yourself. You can present them in your posy. But don’t get in trouble picking them in the wrong yard!

  • Your time. “I could make my kids do a job, but when they give it as a gift, they’re much more cheerful,” said one mother. “They give me an IOU for as much time as they can afford, and I put them to work in the yard or garden.”

  • Plants, any size, for inside or out.

  • Breakfast in bed, but only after 8am, please!

  • A meal at a restaurant — but only if you can pay for it yourself.

Can you guess what the bigger picture is featured here?

This Week's Kids Stuff

Saturday, May 10
Mayfair at The Key School
Kids of all ages ride ponies, make crafts, moonbounce and paint faces. Buy goods at flea market and used book sale. 10am-2pm @ The Key School, 534 Hillsmere Dr., Annapolis. free: 410/263-9231 x227.

Pond and Stream Exploration
Kids of all ages get down and dirty at the Jug Bay stream and pond as you learn and identify frogs, turtles, fish, tadpoles, dragonflies and aquatic insects. Equipment and field guides provided. Bring boots or tie shoes that can get wet, change of clothes and a towel. 1-3pm @ Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary, Wrighton Rd., Lothian. $2.50 w/age discount; rsvp: 410/741-9330 • www.jugbay.org.

Tuesday, May 13
Ring Around the Rosey Storytime
Kids ages 2-6 learn songs, nursery rhymes and stories with Ms. Jean and Ms. Laura. 7pm @ Crofton Branch, Anne Arundel County Public Library, 1681 Riedel Rd., Crofton. free: 410/222-7915.

Thursday, May 15
Wild Babies
Young nature lovers, ages 2-3, learn thru story and song about animal babies. 10-10:30am @ Battle Creek Cypress Swamp, Gray’s Rd. off Sixes Rd., Prince Frederick. $3 w/discounts; rsvp: 410/535-5327.

Plan Ahead
Blue’s Clues Mystery Hunt
Registration deadline: May 30. Kids ages 2-5 search for Blue’s Clues paw prints. Picnic lunch included. Paw print hunt June 6. 11:30-12:45am @ Southern Community Center, Appeal Lane, off Rt. 765, Lusby. $4; rsvp:



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