Volume XI, Issue 26 ~ June 26-July 2, 2003

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Not Just for Kids

by Louis Llovio

Have you ever watched a baseball game on TV or listened to one on the radio? Have you ever been around people who are big baseball fans? If so, you know by now that baseball has a language all its own. And it can be as confusing as any foreign language. For everything that happens on the field, a regular everyday word won’t do. Nope, baseball has to have special words and special sayings for everything.

A great pitcher isn’t just a pitcher, he’s an ace.

And home plate isn’t just home plate, it’s the dish.

As much as you love playing baseball and watching it at the stadium or on TV, once you figure out what all the hubbub is about you’ll enjoy it so much more.

You aren’t going to pass up a trip to a foreign country because you don’t speak the language, right? So don’t let the language of baseball scare you away. In no time you’ll be speaking it like a native!

Grab a piece of paper and a pencil and match these up. When you're done click here for the answer key!

1. ___ After the second baseman caught the ball, she put her foot on the bag.

A) A hit that lands between the infield and outfield

2. ___ The center fielder heard a Bronx cheer when he let the fly ball fall out of his glove.

B) A homerun

3. ___ The pitcher stepped off the hill and took a deep breath before pitching the ball to the batter.

C) A strikeout

4. ___ Thanks to her break, the pitcher was able to get the punchout.

D) An easy catch

5. ___ But the next batter hit a dinger.

E) A base (not home plate)

6. ___ A Texas leaguer is one of the most exciting hits in a ball game.

F) Legs

7. ___ The runner made it from second base all the way home to score because he really had his wheels turning.

G) A ball hit to the fielder during warm-ups

8. ___ A good pitcher can always throw heat.

H) The pitcher’s mound

9. ___ The shortstop loves fungo. It’s how she gets ready for every game.

I) A fastball

10. ___ The pop fly was a can of corn for the first baseman.

J) The crowd booing

Kids Calendar

Saturday, June 28
Tadpoles to Toads
Kids ages 2-3 will learn to love toads when they meet this amphibian thru puppets. 10-10:30am @ Battle Creek Cypress Swamp, Gray’s Rd. off Sixes Rd., Prince Frederick. $3 w/discounts; rsvp: 410/535-5327.

Sunday, June 29
Ugly Bug Ball
Kids ages 3-4 buzz thru the world of bugs with stories, songs and crafts. 10:30-11:30am and 1-2pm @ National Wildlife Visitor Center, Powder Mill Road between BW Parkway and Rt. 197. free; rsvp: 301/497-5887.

Wednesday, July 2
Travel the Orient
Kids of all ages join Linda Fang for songs, stories and plays of Ancient China. 1:30, 3 and 7pm @ Annapolis Public Library, West. St. free; rsvp: 410/222-1750.

Worth the Trip
Spare a Day
Kids of all ages roll into the alley this June and July for games and food. 9am-5:30pm @ Lord Calvert Bowl, Rts. 2/4 and Plum Point Rd, Huntingtown. $6.10; 410/535-3560 • www.lordcalvertbowl.com.

Plan Ahead
Fourth of July
Everybody (but some dogs) loves fireworks. To find the perfect place to celebrate Independence Day with your family, search for fireworks and parades in 8 Days a Week of this week’s Bay Weekly.



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