Volume XI, Issue 28 ~ July 10-16, 2003

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Letters to the Editor

Farm, Don’t Import, Bay Creatures

Dear Wondrous Bay Weekly:
I must agree with Eddie Tecumseh Yo [Letters, Vol. XI., No 26: June 26, ] regarding crab farming. And while oysters are in low supply also, why not “hatch” them as well. Do we really need to bring in strange wildlife to our great area? Look at the swan situation. Grow crabs the same way we do to keep many fish in supply and to be sure they are around for our kids to enjoy. I’m sure we have the technology to do this in a Bay-friendly way, and if not then we must wait until we are sure that we keep the bay ecologically sound. Enough said. Thanks for your continued great work.

— Linda C. Warner: Official American, lincwack@msn.com

In Oyster Ranching, I’m a Believer

Dear Bay Weekly:
I agree with your editorial of June 26 [“Importing Alien Oysters Makes a Risky Stew”: Vol. XI., No 26] and feel that oyster restoration needs to be accelerated. After reading about the Circle C Oyster Ranch in Bay Weekly, [“Wrangling Oysters Out of Trouble,” Vol. XI., No 2: Jan. 9] my wife and I made a visit there and talked at some length with Rich Pelz. He definitely made a believer out of me! The water clarity around his dock, even though the creek was swollen with runoff from all the rain this spring, was readily apparent. I was amazed at the proliferation of submerged grasses in the area. This is a system that we need to establish throughout the Bay starting in state parks like Jane’s Island.

Unfortunately, to implement these strategies requires money, lots of it, and the state is in a budget crisis. Maybe we could lobby for a dedicated scratch-off lottery ticket with the proceeds designated for Chesapeake Bay restoration. I do know that if I owned waterfront property on the Bay, I would be implementing the Circle C system there.

— Bryan Robinson, Frederick

Thanks for Helping Kids Catch-A-Fish

Dear Bay Weekly:
For the third year in a row, Bayside Crabs and West Marine of Deale have contributed bait and tackle to the Wish-a Fish Foundation [“Wish-A-Fish, Catch-A-Fish, Kiss-A-Fish,” Vol. XI, No. 25: June 19] . This year JJ’s Tackle joins the list. I just wanted to publicly thank these folks for making it easy for me to rattle my tin cup. Helping sick kids and seeing the smiles on their faces when we holler “fish on” is worth a million bucks. I’ll see you guys next year … same time. Thanks.

—Capt. John Deering, Shady Side Charters

Dancers Applaud Reviewer

Dear Bay Weekly:
I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the well-written articles about the River Concert Series presentation of CityDance Ensemble and the local dance companies [Vol. XI: Preview: No. 26, June 26, and Review: No. 27, July 3]. Theresa Troescher is to be commended.

— Beth Elliott, Southern Maryland Dance Collective

Department of Corrections

Soloing with The Southern Maryland Dance Collective at Annmarie Garden’s River Festival 2003 was Mary Lu Bailey. The troupe founder is Beth Elliott. Their names were mispelled in stories about the performance June 26 and July 3.

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