Volume XI, Issue 36 ~ September 4-10, 2003

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Letters to the Editor

Bay Weekly On-Line Keeps Memories Fresh

Dear Bay Weekly:
I am so glad that the Bay Weekly is available on-line. I really enjoy the magazine, always did when I lived in Maryland and still do. Keep up the awesome work.

I thoroughly enjoyed your Best Of [Vol. XI, No. 35] and definitely agree with most of the readers’ and editors’ choices. It has been four years since I moved, but I still come back to visit and still go to my favorite places: Robert’s Deli, Skipper’s Pier, Pirates Cove, Happy Harbor, Stoney’s, Rod ’n’ Reel. Thanks for taking me back in time. I can’t wait for my next visit.

— Michele Green, Sarasota, Florida

P.S. You just can’t find a good crab cake in Florida!

Chesapeake Beach Is Still Free

Dear Bay Weekly:
I am one of the Calvert County folks who used to “savor the simple pleasure of a free walk on the beach” [The Beach Ain’t Free, Vol. XI, No. 33, Aug. 14] of North Beach. The mayor and town council of North Beach have revoked that simple pleasure. They have decided to charge me again and again for something I’ve already paid for with my county, state and federal taxes. In addition, recently, they received word that they were receiving more funding from my federal income taxes via the Department of Natural Resources. All in all, the town of North Beach has appeared to pay for less than 41 percent of the cost involved with “their” beach.

I have discussed this with members of the council and other involved citizens of Calvert County. Suggestions and alternatives have also been shared, apparently to no avail. A town council member noted that most people won’t object to paying their fair share, but the town is asking me, as a resident of Owings (less than one mile away), to pay more than my fair share.

Many people have supported this small-town community atmosphere with more than just money. After 18-plus years, I also feel that I have helped to make the town what it is today. To be told I can’t walk on the beach for five minutes without paying each time, just doesn’t seem right.

Being a local beach town carries with it some responsibilities, too. The positive reputation of the town and the money spent at the town’s businesses and possibly, eventual taxes paid into the town due to home purchase, etc., should also be considered.

But the next time my grandkids want to walk on the beach, we’ll go to the beautiful and free beach in Chesapeake Beach. I know many, many others who feel that way as well. Is North Beach’s town beach crowded lately? I don’t think so.

—Cheryl Emery, Owings

What We Dare Do to Save the Bay

Dear Bay Weekly:
How ironic. In a period when there is an absolute void in leadership from the Chesapeake Executive Council that the Chesapeake Bay Program and Maryland Department of Natural Resources have resolved that the most important thing we can do to save the Chesapeake is a hunting season on Mute Swans.

Dare we install biological nutrient reduction at all wastewater plants? No!

Dare we crack down on industries discharging toxic glop into the Bay? No!

Dare we require the farm industry to reduce nutrients? No! (Particularly them chicken industry farms. Absolutely, no way!)

Dare we curtail wastes from the fleet of recreational boaters? No!

Dare we demand that watermen avoid removing the last edible critter from the Bay? No! (Hell, let’s give ’em a subsidy!)

How about killing 525 poor dumb birds? Yeah, that’s the ticket! It’ll make it look like we’re really doing something and provide some trophy opportunities for the good ol’ boys.

Thank you for your inspiring leadership, Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Or is it Maryland Department of Depleting Resources?

— Neil M. Ridgely, Reisterstown

Department of Corrections

The town of North Beach — whose beach Bay Weekly readers named Best Public Beach — does not charge its beach visitors to park in town public lots.

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