Volume XI, Issue 41 ~ October 9-15, 2003

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Not Just for Kids ~ Answer Key

1. b: You want to watch out for the boom because as the wind changes direction, it sometimes swings quickly from one side to the other. Then your head can go boom.

2. c: Sailors call the front of the boat the bow and the back the stern.

3. b: When you walk on a boat you are walking on deck.

4. b: While a is also true, falling off means turning the boat away from the wind.

5. a: This is the correct answer. Does anyone know why?

6. c: In nautical lingo, port is left, starboard is right.

7. a: This one is tricky; supposedly it comes from the old English word sceatta (sheeta), which means “the point where a line is tied to a sail.” The sheets pull the sails in or out.

8. b: To trim a sail is to pull in or let out a sheet.

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