Volume 12, Issue 10 ~ March 4-10, 2004

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It’s Up to You to Vote for What’s Best!

We all strive for the best. A better home for our families, a better quality of life to hand down to our children, a better job that brings us more satisfaction, perhaps a better candidate who better represents our own individual beliefs of what is better. The quest for something better — the best — is the common trait among Americans. It’s what built this country.

Americans, as decreed by our Founding Fathers, have the freedom to choose what’s best for each and to pursue that vision of liberty, freedom and a better life.

Many of us headed to the polls this past week to endorse our candidates and their goals of a better America. If we were lucky, we found a candidate — whether a winner or not — who matched our own vision of a better America. We commend those who cast their ballots, and we urge you who passed on this one to register before the October 15 deadline for November 2’s election.

We also encourage all of our 40,000-some weekly readers to cast your vote in Bay Weekly’s fourth annual Best of the Bay Readers’ Poll. Here you get to acknowledge the best — and in some cases, the worst — here in Chesapeake Country.

Some Best of the Bay categories relate to the world we live in and the quality of our life. Many categories are geared to businesses around the Bay, for in business, as in life, we strive for the best. So we ask you to help honor the businesses and the causes, the good and the bad in our ongoing quest for the best.

Over the years, we’ve taken some flack: Who chooses who’s best? … You just pick winner you like … You make sure your advertisers win.

As befits a legitimate election, it’s you voters — Bay Weekly readers — who decide the outcomes. Advertisers may have a leg up, as you see their ads, but that, too, is the nature of politics. All too often, we’ve found as in political elections, the same people questioning the veracity of the vote have failed to complete a ballot themselves. That’s a shame, because in the end, every vote does matter. Some of the Best of the Bay contests are closer than a Florida presidential election. You could cast the deciding vote.

Last year, we broadened the contest, weighing in with our own takes with the Best of the Bay Editors’ Picks. As newspaper people, our business is ferreting out and reporting what’s good and bad in our world on the Bay. Just as some of the Readers’ Choice awards were close, many of the Editor’s Choice awards were tough and battled out.

Here, too, we took some flack for voicing those opinions. And that’s okay, for opinions they are. But they are the opinions of people who represent Bay Weekly — its editors, its writers, its columnists, its sales staff, all of whom you trust to give you the best news and the best newspaper, at least for the money.

And we trust you to do your part, pick up your pencil, fill our your ballot — which runs on page 7 — this week, and vote!

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