Volume 12, Issue 10 ~ March 4-10, 2004

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Not Just for Kids
A Skink in Your Hand
on your foot, on some rocks…
by Sonia Linebaugh

What is it?
A skink’s come to visit.
Maybe he’ll stay a day
And play
Oh no, he went away.

Skink’s stink as playmates.

What’s a Skink?
A skink is a small striped lizard, often black with red or blue stripes, common in Maryland. No, skinks don’t stink.

Where’s the Skink?
Make your own critter tale. Draw this skink in different locations: on a hand or foot, on a stone, in the grass, on your bed. Make your own poem or story to go with the drawings.

You can also do this activity on the computer if you have an art program. I used Paint Shop Pro. Here’s how:
  1. I put the image of the skink in a separate layer on top of a picture of a stone

  2. I carefully selected the outline of the skink, inverted the selection and cleared everything else from the skink image. Now the skink looks like it’s on the stone.

  3. I copied the layer with the skink and put it on each of the other pictures to make it appear on the hand or feet.

Working on the computer takes as much time as drawing, but it’s just as much fun.

Word Attraction
Skink comes from the Greek word skinkos, meaning lizard. Stink, on the other hand, comes from German stinken, meaning to stink. Both are hundreds, if not thousands, of years old.

Kids’ Calendar

Thursday, March 4
Picture This
Preschoolers and kindergartners read, listen to a story, talk about making art and use these ideas on your own masterpiece.You’ll walk away with original, matted artwork. Two Sessions:
10-11:30am; 1-2:30pm @ Annmarie Garden, St. John’s Creek, Solomons. $5; rsvp: 410/326-4640 • www.annmariegarden.org.

Sunday, March 7
What is Endangered?
Ages 8-10 learn what it means when a plant or animal has become endangered. Find out while learning how to help, playing games and doing activities. 2-3pm @ Patuxent Research Refuge North Tract, Rt. 198 between the Baltimore-Washington Parkway and Rt. 32, Laurel. free; rsvp: 301/497-5887 • www.patuxent.fws.gov.

Little Magician
Ages 4 and up thrill to amazing feats of magic by Justin Silver, age nine. 2pm @ Chesapeake Children’s Museum, 25 Silopanna Road, Annapolis. $3:
410-990-1993 • www.theccm.com.

Monday, March 8
Preschool Nature Hour
Join Ranger Lisa and learn about the nature and wildlife of Kinder Park Farm thru games and activities. 1pm @ Kinder Farm Park, Kinder Farm Park Rd., Millersville. free; rsvp: 410/222-6115 • www.kinderfarmpark.org.

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