Volume 12, Issue 18 ~ April 29-May 5, 2004
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Not Just for Kids
The How-To Cowboy™ Presents Another Secret, Magic How-To Fun Trick
How to Float Your Boat

To float your boat you must first make a boat. And to make a boat, you must first make a hat.

1. Place a regular 8.5 " x 11" sheet of paper in front of you on a flat surface, table or desk, with the short edge facing you . Fold your paper in half bringing the top edge of the paper to the bottom.

2. Fold in the top right and left corners to make a point and press flat. See Diagram 1. Take front flap from the bottom and fold up around the pyramid. Do the same to the flap on the back. See Diagrams 2 and 3 .

3. Open up the bottom, and you've got a hat. A small hat, maybe for a baby or a cat. To make a hat that will fit your head, use your Bay Weekly newspaper and follow the directions .

4. Now to make the boat. Grab bottom corners of your hat with your thumbs inside and bring the points together to make a baseball diamond shape. Press flat. See Diagram 4.

5. Take the bottom point on the front side and fold up to the top point. Press flat. Flip over and do the same to the back flap.

6. Now you have a triangle. Take the bottom points like before and bring them together to make another baseball diamond shape. See B in Diagram 5.

7. Final step. Place the square in front of you with point C at the top. See C on Diagram 6. Grab the bow and the stern of what will be your boat and gently pull until your boat takes shape. Press flat to set the crease and release. The sides will open up some on their own to create the boat shape.

8. Give your boat a name and write it on the side in pencil. You can also stick a toothpick with a flag in the sail. For a sturdier boat, use a heavier paper.

The How-To Ranch Hand Challenge:
Send a unique How-To trick with step-by-step instructions to:
IM Press • Box 5346 • Takoma Park, MD 20913

If accepted, you’ll see your trick published in this space, and receive a LITTLE NED STORIES book and a $10 check.
Visit The How-To Cowboy™, aka Edward Allan Faine at his website: www.takoma.com/ned/home.htm.

Word Attraction
Or-a-ga-me is the Japanese art of folding paper to form flowers, animal figures, boats, bugs and much more!

Check out these web sites and learn more cool things to make:

Here is a finished boat with name and flag added.

The Riddler
What Am I?
by Jean Oaks

Winter, spring, summer, fall,
Day and night, I see it all.
Cars and trucks, planes and boats;
I have seen it, if it floats.

I’m carefully painted, tall and strong.
My lanes are narrow, but I’m long.
My contributions have been great.
I connect two shores of our state.
I carry goods; I save time.
The view from me is sublime.

Once a year there’s a special day.
Folks old and young walk their way
From shore to shore. I am proud
Of what they say as they talk aloud.
Their compliments make me swell with pride
As I help them get to the other side.

What am I?







Click here for the answer!

Kids Calendar

Friday, April 30
Welcome May with the book It’s Spring, Blues! and make a May basket of flowers of your own. 10am @ Barnes and Noble, Harbour Center, Rt. 2, Annapolis. free: 410-573-1115.

Bob the Builder
Ages 1-2 try your hands at building with blocks and enjoy a tasty treat. 10-10:30am @ Southern Community Center, Appeal Ln. (off Rt. 765), Lusby. free; rsvp: 410-586-1101.

Saturday, May 1
Young Salts
Kids ages 4-6 learn about sharks, fossils, lighthouses and creatures in our salty neighbor, the Chesapeake Bay. 10am-noon @ Calvert Marine Museum, off Rt. 2, Solomons. $8 w/member discount; rsvp: 410/326-2042 x 45 • www.calvertmarinemuseum.com.

Saturday May 2
Walk Across Chesapeake Bay
Hold your parent’s hand and see if you can spot Chessie or see a crab or count the boats as you see the Chesapeake Bay from 354 feet in the air this morning only, when you walk almost five miles across the Bay. 8:30am-1pm, but plan to come early. Call 877-BAYSPAN for parking and shuttle bus information.

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