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Not Just for Kids

The Riddler
They’re H-e-r-e ~ by Jean oaks

Look here! Oh — over there!
Oh, my goodness; they’re everywhere!
It’s raining bugs. What shall we do?
Watch out! There’s one on you!
Let’s find out just what they are.
Help me put one in a jar.
Eewww — it’s gross!
Without trying to be verbose,
I’ll describe it:
Two inches long, orange veins on wings.
Reddish eyes — ghoulish things!
Heavy black body; what’s that noise?
(Doesn’t have a lot of poise!)
Incessant droning; how long will this last?
About six weeks, then it’ll be past
The time for them to emerge.
That’ll be the end of this scourge.

What are they?


the cicadas)

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