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Letters to the Editor

We welcome your opinions and letters — with name and address. We will edit when necessary. Include your name, address and phone number for verification. Mail them to Bay Weekly, P.O. Box 358, Deale, MD 20751 • E-mail them to us at [email protected].

Michele Quesenberry: Beyond the Biker Days
Dear Bay Weekly:
Sonia Linebaugh’s article “Michele Quesenberry: Tough Biker Girl to Certified Holistic Life Coach” [Vol. XII, No. 20: May 13] was something different than what I understood the article would be. The responses I’ve received have been “What is the purpose of this story?” or “This really doesn’t say anything about who you are today.”

When I was asked to do an interview about my past life, I understood the story to be about my transition and as an inspiration to others that may want the same.

The following paragraphs say a little more about the intense work and growth I have accomplished in a positive light.

I had lived hard, ridden hard and pushed love as far out of my life as possible. I didn’t think I deserved love.

Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life was the first book I read that opened my eyes and my heart to a different way of life. That was only the beginning of dozens of self-help books and hundreds of workshops and classes on psychology, personal development and human potential. The most intense was a 250-hour course over three weeks to become a performance results coach. My passion for growth, self-study and human development overcame my life.

I became a certified ropes-course facilitator, working with children, adults, youth at risk, corporate groups and the emotionally challenged in improving their behaviors to better their lives.

I traveled the world, working for Anthony Robbins, an authority on peak performance and motivation, and meeting incredible people from all cultures.

Many times I have had to pinch myself to make sure my life’s experiences were real. Going from the don’t-mess-with-me biker attitude to the intense motivation and passion for life, I wasn’t so sure I was the same person.

After all the classes, books and training, my lessons couldn’t compare to the experience and growth of a loving relationship and a growing family.

I currently serve as an executive board member for Holistic Learning Centers Inc., out of New Jersey, and facilitate self-mastery sessions and workshops to help others transform their lives and continue on their healing path.

—Michele Quesenberry, Owings

Watch the Grass Grow
Dear Bay Weekly:
I always enjoy your fine newspaper, and I especially enjoyed Way 18 of 101 Ways to Have Fun: Watch the Grass Grow.

My husband and I have dug up most of our front yard and replaced it with berms of perennials, holly, native grasses: anything the birds, bees and butterflies find beneficial.

We have planted the drainage ditch as it leads directly to a catch basin and ultimately the Bay.

We are still planning more digs in the front and back yards.

It is a better way to spend your outdoor time: mulching, planting and enjoying the wildlife and flowers. We are all for letting the native grasses grow.

Have you noticed the State Highway Administration plants wildflowers and does not mow lots of acres now? Saves a lot of money, I’ll bet.

Keep up the good work. Yours is our favorite newspaper.

—Linda Hopkins, Annapolis

Loving 101 Ways
Dear Bay Weekly:
I absolutely love the watercolor on the front cover of your Indispensable Guide to Summer on the Bay [supplement to Vol. XII, No. 25: June 170. Where can I purchase a print?

—Linda Nolan: [email protected]

Editor’s note: Write to artist Gary Pendleton at [email protected].

Make that Maryland Geological Survey
Dear Bay Weekly:
I enjoyed Carrie Steele’s article on well-water contaminants [“What in the Well Is Going On?” Vol. XII, No. 26: June 24] and was glad to provide her information on ground-water contamination issues. However, please note that I work for the Maryland Geological Survey, not the U.S. Geological Survey as indicated in the article. Maryland Geological Survey (which is part of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources) has been conducting geological and ground-water research in Maryland for more than 100 years. We are often confused with the USGS (with whom we have a long and mutually beneficial relationship), and tend to get a little sensitive when not properly credited!

—David W. Bolton: Chief, Hydrogeology and Hydrology Program, Maryland Geological Survey

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