Volume 12, Issue 53 ~ • December 30, 2004 - January 5, 2005
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Bay Reflections & Commentaries

Year In Review

We Survive from Phenomenon to Phenomenon ~Gary Pendleton, January 1

Zigzagging with Confidence ~Marnie Morris, January 8

Oracle: The Epilogue ~Audrey Y. Scharmen, January 15

Pondering Chesapeake Oysters ~Robert Pfeiffer, January 22

Discovering Winter’s Delights ~Kathryn Reshetiloff, February 5

Eavesdropping on February’s Deserted Stage ~Audrey Y. Scharmen, February 12

Pride Goeth Before a Fall … and After Holiday Feasts ~Vivian I. Zumstein, February 26

When Big Species Return, We’ve Got to Live with Them ~Gary Pendleton, March 4

Call it Char or Chore, a Woman’s Work Is Never Done ~M.L. Faunce, March 11

Not Quite Safely Through Winter ~Terese Schlachter, March 18

Too Much and Not Enough:
Henry David Thoreau Makes a Wake-up Call

Pat Piper, March 25

When Rockfish Season Opens, I Will Be Prepared ~Allen Delaney, April 1

Nature’s Small, Sure Signs of Renewal ~Vivian I. Zumstein, April 8

Reply: Big Chicken Gets the Flu ~Bill Satterfield, April 15

At Home in this Space of Earth ~Albert ‘Abby’ Ybarra, April 22,

Lights of My Life ~Maureen Miller, April 29

Hooked in the ER ~Joan B. Lehmann, May 13

My Irresponsible Other Drives an MG ~Vivian I. Zumstein, May 20

Is Our Health Care System Broken? ~Frank Fox, May 27,

Feeling the Heat ~Jim Motavalli and Ross Gelbspan, June 3

Adventures on the Home Front ~Allen Delaney, June 10

Leash Law Violator ~Vivian I. Zumstein, June 17

A Cautionary Tale of the Bay’s Awesome Power ~Helena Mann-Melnitchenko, June 24

Don’t Miss Nature’s Fireworks ~Vivian I. Zumstein, July 1

Crab Culture ~Allen Delaney, July 8

Beware of Lyme Disease: A Sufferer’s Warning ~Cheryl Emery, July 15

There Is a Season ~Al McKegg, July 22

Blackberries — Summer’s Black Treasure ~Vivian I. Zumstein, July 29

Bay Critters Dancing ~Helen K. Beard, August 5

Governor’s Cup Races Through Time ~Maureen Miller, August 12

Community: We Keep It Alive ~James Bourne, August 19

Changing of the Tides ~Kristen Peterson, August 26

This Teacher Still Whispers in My Ear ~Vivian I. Zumstein, September 9

Before It Gets a New Gas Pipeline, Calvert County Needs Answers ~Sara E. Leeland, September 16

Sport-Killing Maryland’s Black Bears: What Bill Burton Omitted — and What You Can Do
E. Joseph Lamp, September 23

Walk This Way ~Robert L. Cramer, September 30

Walking Past Slavery ~Lucy Oppenheim, October 7

Bay Symmetry ~Chris Justice, October 14

Everything Rare and Beautiful ~Helena Mann-Melnitchenko, October 21

The Age of Empowerment ~ Joe Tripp, October 28

Adrift In November’s Mist ~Stefani Hutchison, November 4

The Army Couples: A Civilian Remembers World War II ~Kendra Palmer, November 11

Winter Water’s for the Birds ~Mark McCaig, November 18

A Farmer’s Thanksgiving ~Jim Bourne, November 24

You’re Wearing That? — Dressed up for Fashion Court ~Nadja Maril, December 2

My Holiday Wish ~Helen K. Beard, December 9

Winter Darkness, Winter Light ~Frank Fox, December 15

Farewell, Market House ~Katie Dodd, December 23

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