Volume 13, Issue 13 ~ March 31 - April 6, 2005
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Bay Reflections

Thanks to One and All
by Allen Delaney

Dear Neighbors:
I'd like to publicly apologize to the Del Haven community for the mishaps that took place during our annual block party. I want to thank the paramedics, doctors and nurses for their helpful suggestions that next year we hold our turkey shoot before the beer-chugging contest and not vice versa. On a positive note, I would like to say that our annual party did generate enough funds to cover the deductible and that the only fatality was our insurance company.

To the ladies on the Food Committee, I'd like to say 'Job well done!' Lugging those 20 tables from the rental truck and setting up a hundred chairs was no easy task. I especially want to tip my hat to Edna Mosely, who turns 85 this month. To the guys on the committee, I want to inform you that this year there will be no self-designated positions as Table Coordinator, Supervisor or Carbonation Tester. We need more hauling and less stalling.

Initially, the blindfolded horseshoe toss sounded like a fun contest, but in retrospect it probably should have been held in an open field and not on Main Street surrounded by glass storefronts. I want to thank the shopkeepers for coming in on a Sunday afternoon to turn off their alarms. As a token of our gratitude, please keep the plywood we used to prevent your shops from being looted. You never know when another hurricane, or block party, may be headed your way.

I want to thank all of you who participated in the two-ton tractor pull contest, even though no one owned a tractor. The block committee thought that if we had advertised a car pull, everyone would ride together and we would have had a limited number of vehicles for the contest.

I'd also like to thank Dave Brecker of Dave's Auto Body and Transmissions for donating first prize, a hundred dollar coupon good toward any transmission repair. Congratulations to the winner, Buster Winfield, and his Ford 350 4x4. The sheriff wants me to inform the rest of you that you have until May 30 to claim your cars, their respective transmissions and other parts before they get sold for scrap.

A hearty 'Thank You' goes out to Larry McComb for saving the fireworks from that sudden downpour. In hindsight, it probably wasn't a good idea for Larry to host an indoor fireworks show at the community center. I want to thank the local fire department for extinguishing both the building and Larry. As a side note, congrats to Larry for winning the beer-chugging contest. As soon as you're released from the hospital, drop by my house to receive your trophy. To our secretary, please make a note that in the future, anyone responsible for the fireworks must not imbibe.

We look forward to this year's block party, although it will have to be held in a different community and quite possibly a different country. So start getting some ideas ready, along with your passports, as we begin planning our annual summer ritual.

Sincerely, Allen Delaney, Block Party Captain

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