Volume 13, Issue 45 ~ November 10 - November 16, 2005

Letters to the Editor

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Visit the Tri-County Animal Shelter Open House

Dear Bay Weekly:

November 6-12 marks National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, an event sponsored by the Humane Society of the United States to recognize and celebrate the lifesaving services provided by animal shelters such as the Tri-County Animal Shelter.

Animal Shelters serve their communities in many ways: accepting stray and unwanted domesticated animals, returning lost pets to their owners, helping families find new companion animals and providing daily care for the many animals in their facilities.

Please join the Tri-County Animal Shelter on November 12, from 10am to 3pm, for an Open House. Tri-County Animal Shelter invites all the residents of Southern Maryland to visit the shelter, talk with the staff and meet the many animals available for adoption.

Come find out about the many services provided by the Tri-County Animal Shelter and learn how you can help the area’s neediest animals. We are on the web at www.charlescounty.org/es/animalcontrol.

—Joanna Snow:

Shelter Supervisor, Hughesville

Kat Bennett’s Well Read by Hurricane Watchers

Dear Bay Weekly:

Kat Bennett’s article When Will the Bay Flood Again [Vol. xiii, No. 36: Sept. 8] was excellent. It contained lots of very interesting information, much of it not generally available which made it particularly fascinating. It was well presented and well written. On top of this, the article was useful.

Material the length and depth of this article on a subject of interest and importance to the Bay is hard to find. Well done all around.

I sent the article on to a number of hurricane watchers here and in Florida and the Bahamas.

—Cam Trowbridge, Galesville

Frank Fox Dressing the Season with the Light of Insight

Dear Bay Weekly:

Thanks to Frank Fox for his splendid Turning Toward the Dark, in Bay Reflections, Volume xiii, No. 43 (October 27).

This has never been my favorite time of year, even though at the age of two I appeared — posed with a clock — on the front page of the Rochester Times-Union, reminding people to fiddle with the hours. Back then, in 1949, it was in late September.

In Frank Fox’s beautifully crafted essay, he focuses on positive ways to view and reframe the losing of the light. I love his message of honoring ancient traditions and seeking harmony with nature.

In a recent poem, I wrote: “Autumn’s a bag lady, a thief who dresses down, stealing the light.”

What a comfort to discover another writer, and one who walks in the woods with goats, dressing up the season with the unfailing light of recognition and fresh insight.

Thanks again to Frank Fox and Bay Weekly.

—Shirley Brewer, Pasadena

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