Volume 14, Issue 15 ~ April 13 - April 19, 2006

Letters to the Editor

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Schaefer and Bay Weekly: Shame on Us Both

Dear Bay Weekly:

I sincerely hope your readers noted the connection between Schaefer’s comments about a “girl’s behind” and Bay Weekly’s reference to his behavior as (only) “politically incorrect” as it relates to Schaefer’s low opinion of two capable, strong women, Mrs. Pelosi and Sen. Clinton [Conversations with William Donald Schaefer: Vol. xiv, No. 14: April 6]. Shame on you and him.

— Rebecca Hopwood, Chesapeake Beach

May All Your Easter Bunnies Be Chocolate

Dear Bay Weekly:

With Easter, animal shelters and rabbit rescues everywhere will be bursting at the seams with rabbits bought as Easter gifts by well-meaning but uninformed parents.

Rabbits require just as much care, time and attention as a cat or a dog. They need litter-box training so they don’t have to live in a cage, a rabbit-proofed home (or your electrical wires, houseplants and expensive wooden furniture will soon be gnawed to bits), regular brushing to prevent deadly hairballs and spaying and neutering to prevent urine spraying and baby rabbits.

Notoriously cautious and fragile, rabbits are less than ideal playmates for youngsters despite popular perceptions. It can take weeks of patient coaxing before you earn your rabbit’s trust enough to sit on the floor with him without his hopping away in fright. Ground-loving creatures, many rabbits loathe being picked up and can resist beyond a child’s capacity to handle them.

However, if you have done your homework (see RabbitWise.org) and decided that you’re ready to provide a rabbit with a safe, loving home for the next eight to 12 Easters to come, adopt one of the many rabbits at shelters or rescue groups who desperately need homes. Rabbits are wonderful companions for the right people. If you’re not sure, it’s best to stick to the plush or chocolate varieties.

—Lana Lehr for RabbitWise, Inc.; Kensington

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