Volume 14, Issue 20 ~ May 18 - May 24, 2006

Letters to the Editor

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Chesapeake Earth Students See Themselves

Dear Bay Weekly:

It was so much fun to watch the thrill appear in the faces of the children of Chesapeake Earth School [Vol. vix, No. 17: April 17], and their growing pride as they read every word of their story, “What Do You Know about the Indians of Chesapeake Bay?” and Ben Miller’s story about them, “At Chesapeake Bay Earth School, Chesapeake Bay — and Bay Weekly — Are Textbooks.”

The article was lovely and captured what we are all about. Then the article Riverkeepers [Vol. vix, No. 16: April 20] and the week before about straw-bale building [Vol. vix, No. 15: April 13] all made the kids feel very much in the center of what’s happening.

We would love to have a few more kids join us next year. The school number is 443-203-0206. Or e-mail romeypittman@verizon.net or njbaden@comcast.net.

—Romey Pittman, Davidsonville, for Chesapeake Earth School

Connecting with Betty Friedan

Dear Bay Weekly:

The Commentary, “Thinking of You, Betty Friedan, the Woman Who Changed Motherhood,” by Helena Mann-Melnitchenko [Vol. xiv, No. 19: May], got me thinking of Friedan as well.

As founder of the National Organization for Women, Friedan was central in reshaping American attitudes toward women’s rights. In my time, the Women’s Movement and the struggle for equal rights brought an evolution of change. Some called it revolution, but through her activism and writings, Betty Friedan put the word choice in a woman’s vocabulary.

When I learned of Friedan’s death earlier this year, a whole lot of history went before my eyes. I passed along Friedan’s obituary to two young women colleagues, who to my surprise had not heard of Friedan — though they had taken women’s studies in college. When I called my niece, also in her mid-20s, and found that Friedan was not on her radar either, I realized a woman’s work is never done. “I guess we take things for granted,” my niece later said. “We don’t always connect with how we got somewhere.”

Mann-Melnitchenko’s commentary on Betty Friedan honored the mother of equal rights for women who helped bring change and choice to women’s lives. Her message is timely for those who don’t always connect with how we got here.

Pass it on.

—M.L. Faunce, Churchton

Bay Weekly Works for You

Dear Bay Weekly:

I truly enjoyed Joan Nazdin’s article on the Battle Creek Swamp Sanctuary [Vol. xiv, No. 13: March 30]. Swamps generally don’t intrigue me, but her description of the nature center and watching the birds in the natural habitat wet my appetite. I will definitely make the trip south.

—Kitty Drake, Brinklow

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