Volume 14, Issue 28 ~ July 13 - July 19, 2006

Letters to the Editor

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What Readers Like — Sea Nettles

Dear Bay Weekly:

The article “Sea Nettles” by Elizabeth Ayres in the July 6 issue [Reflection, Vol. xiv, No. 27] was charming. It brought out the playfulness of kids in the water, ignoring the sea nettles, or risking danger by being stung, and I can almost hear parents telling the kids, Watch out for sea nettles!

It really conjured up a feel for the Bay and summer. What a wonderful Reflection. Thanks.

—Russ Horton, Solomons

Dear Bay Weekly:

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed June 6th’s Reflection by Elizabeth Ayres. A lovely blend of nature, her adult and childhood selves. I was so inspired by her writing style, I ordered the book she mentioned at the bottom of the article! Thank you for introducing her to me.

—Dotty Doherty, Annapolis

Chesapeake Country Needs More Ruritan Clubs

Dear Bay Weekly:

It is difficult to understand why Ruritan Clubs do not exist in Calvert, Charles and Saint Mary’s counties, especially with the rapid urbanization that is occurring. Active Ruritan Clubs in those counties could help create a more harmonious relationship between the agricultural community and the newcomers. The objectives of Ruritan Clubs are to promote fellowship, goodwill and service to rural America.

There are ample opportunities for Ruritan Clubs’ activities in rapidly expanding communities. As non-profit organizations, Ruritan Clubs can raise funds to provide scholarships for deserving graduating students, become involved in environmental projects, provide opportunities for social gatherings, provide financial assistance to schools, families in need, food pantries, hospital facilities and nursing homes.

If there is any one interested in starting a Ruritan Club, members of the Lothian Ruritan Club in Southern Anne Arundel County are ready to provide assistance. If you are interested in seeing how programs are conducted, you are invited to attend one of our meetings held at the Mt. Zion United Methodist Church at 122 Bayard Rd. in Lothian.

Being a Ruritan member is not all work. Many of our activities are social and a great way to meet your neighbors. If you would like more information on what we do, call F. R. Gouin at 301-261-5802 or email at [email protected]. We distribute a brochure that describes some of our activities.

—Frank Gouin, Deale

Editor’s note: Frank Gouin is the Bay Gardener

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