Volume 14, Issue 32 ~ August 10 - August 16, 2006

Letters to the Editor

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No Butts and Breasts, Please

Dear Bay Weekly:

We have enjoyed Bay Weekly for quite a few years. But we have a problem with the ad by Hollywood Tanning Café on page 23 of the July 23 issue [Vol. xiv, No. 30]. This ad photo was disgusting. The ad is more than just in bad taste. It is smut and, as such, is not compatible with the image Bay Weekly has previously presented. Don’t forget, 12-year-olds read Bay Weekly. Please leave butt cracks and breast cleavage photos to more appropriate magazines and readership, and remain a safe, any-age family paper.

In the past, Bay Weekly has reliably been a family, local, safe, news and fun-to-read rag. Hope you always will be. We thank you for any and all considerations resulting from our concerns and hope to be readers forever.

—Dana and Marian Green, Shady Side

Remembering Bill Marquess

Dear Bay Weekly:

I would like to thank Gary Pendleton for his final tribute of appreciation regarding William Marquess [Vol. xiv; No. 28; July 13].

Gary’s excellent account of Bill’s history reported in Bay Weekly [Vol. xi; No. 31; July 31, 2003] was very valued by Bill, who collected many copies and distributed them to friends and family members. He was very proud of this account.

Additionally, I would like to express thanks to Gary and his wife Karyn for the time and kindness they extended to Bill and myself during Bill’s illness.

I would also like to express appreciation to editor Sandra Martin for her support, time and the space that was allotted this story.

—Linda Best, Chesapeake Beach

Camardo’s First a Bull’s Eye

Dear Bay Weekly:

I just read a few articles in this week’s issue of Bay Weekly [Vol. xiv, No. 31], including one about the wineries festival I attended last weekend. Ralph Camardo’s article “Maryland Wineries Ripen on the Vine” was right on target, teaching me things that I didn’t pick up just by going. It was chock-full of info, with lots of color and what seems like a lot of research.

Thanks for your great paper! I truly enjoy reading it every week.

—Stephanie White, Crofton

Russ Barnes’ Special Angle on Fatherhood

Dear Bay Weekly:

What a lovely (first-person!) story Russ Barnes’ “Rocked in the Cradle of Invasion” is [Vol. xiv, No 31: Aug. 3]! How special for Russ to have known his father in a way that few of us ever do: as a scared, excited, enthusiastic young man/new father/Army recruit. It’s like he was able to reach forward in time and let his son see him as he was before he became the father.

—Danita Boonchaisri, Prince Frederick

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