Volume 14, Issue 33 ~ August 17 - August 23, 2006

Letters to the Editor

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Watershed Restoration Needs a Fund

Dear Bay Weekly:

Perfect article on George Johnson’s candidacy for county executive [Vol. xiv, No. 32: Aug. 10], taking the man as he is and frankly looking at him. Also lovely pictures.

I worry that his honest and courageous support for the Watershed Restoration Fund is being misconstrued by his opponents who all are saying, now, I support the Fund, just no fees! which is about as dishonest and confusing as you can get. David Boschert says he’ll cut the county budget so there’s more for storm water. John Leopold says he got the dredge funding reconstituted by the state, which implies he would get funds from the state for storm water.

So your article is critically important!

—Anne Pearson, Edgewater:

Director, Alliance for Sustainable Communities

Another Take on Current Community Standards

Dear Bay Weekly:

I note with amusement the outrage voiced by Dana and Marian Green [Letters: Vol. xiv, No. 32: Aug. 10], wherein they bewail the printing of an ad for a tanning salon.

I wonder what kind of insular world the Greens live in. Perhaps they’ve been living in Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan, where women must cover almost every inch of skin and where the religious police or the Taliban are prepared to pounce upon any offender.

In this country, we have a certain amount of freedom, religious and otherwise, and part of that freedom is the right to print whatever is compatible with current community standards. If you think Bay Weekly violates those standards, I ask you to look at any other newspaper, almost any movie, television show or Internet address that features tanning, surfing or swimming. You will find that the Bay Weekly ad is tame by comparison to many others.

Finally, many would consider the Greens’ reference to “butt cracks and cleavage” more objectionable than the printed ad.

—Richard W. Wilson, Chesapeake Beach

An Inconvenient Truth and Candidate

Dear Bay Weekly:

Al Gore’s new movie, An Inconvenient Truth [Flickerings Vol. xiv, No 24: June 15] is interesting and creative. It is not enough, however to make him a serious future candidate for president.

I served with him in Congress, campaigned for him for vice-president and president. I now finally know him well enough to say he should not be the Democratic candidate in 2008 or 2012. My candidate at that time will be Governor O’Malley of Maryland.

—Bill D. Burlison, Odenton

Editor’s Note: Burlison serves on the Anne Arundel County Council.

Good Looks at www.bayweekly.com

Dear Bay Weekly:

It has been some time since I have been to the Bay Weekly website. I have to say I really didn’t like the layout. I happened upon it today and have to tell you it is much nicer.

—Margaret Burgone, via e-mail

More Miller, Please

Dear Bay Weekly:

I enjoyed Ben Miller’s story, “Learning From Where They Live” [Vol. xiv, No. 17: April 27] and look forward to more.

—John Cummings, Brooklyn, New York

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