Volume 14, Issue 39 ~ September 28 - October 4, 2006

Letters to the Editor

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Favorite Way Found

Dear Bay Weekly:

I loved your “50 Ways to Leave Your Summer” [Vol. xiv, No. 35: Aug. 31] and plan on doing at least 25 of them. The wonderful thing was that when I reached Number 50, I was delighted to see George Eliot’s Middlemarch. I’m signed up for the St. John’s College seminar and can’t wait till the first session. I gave myself the gift of reading Middlemarch when I was 40; it does (in time if not in thought) require a sizable investment. I loved it then — and now look forward to months of discussion about it. Again, a great article.

—Deborah Coons, via email

Connected Round the World by Bill Burton

Dear Bay Weekly:

Here I am in the Blue Mountains, 60 miles west of Sydney, Australia, in wintery weather (although the first daffodils are opening), enjoying reading about summer in your beautiful part of the world.

I am happily discovering many aspects of life in your region through regularly reading Bay Weekly on the web, and I have you to thank for this new interest.

Being a novice Internet user, I marveled at the way I could find poems and quotations that had been at the back of my mind but difficult to trace through usual library searches. One such poem, “The City Financier,” always appealed with its gently mocking line: “and all the spring goes on without him.”

It appears in a young person’s poetry collection along with famous names such as Yeats, Stevenson and T.S. Eliot, yet seems little known today, so I looked for more about the author: Humbert Wolfe.

There on the screen came the reference to “coffee pot,” in Humbert Wolfe’s poem “The Gray Squirrel,” which led to Bill Burton’s February 16 column [Vol. xiv, No. 7], “The Benefaction Of Snow.” Thanks to Bill Burton for the quotation and wonderful description of the scene that prodded mysterious memory.

So, now, starting with Burton, I’m a tourist at Bay Weekly, looking at everything with a visitor’s keen interest.

P.S. Burton’s March quotes from J.K. Galbraith, Eugene McCarthy and Louis Nizer rang true here, then and now.

—Nina Simmons, Australia

Reports of His Death Exaggerated

Dear Bay Weekly:

I happened to Google my son’s name and found Gardner Hoerichs mentioned in Bill Burton’s article “Heroes for the Century” [Vol. xiv, No. 29: July 20]. Thought you should know, he is not “the late Gardner Hoerichs.” He is my grandfather-in-law and is very much alive and doing well at something like 94 years old.

—Sharon Hoerichs, by email

Bill Burton’s Reply: “I’m delighted to hear that I was misinformed. One of those occasions where you’re happy to be wrong, which is against the newspaper creed.”

Department of Corrections

In the paper of September 21 (Vol. xiv, No. 38) Kat Bennett’s review of Pasadena Theatre Company’s Fiddler on the Roof omitted four players from the cast of over 50. Also acting were Alex Crilly, Maddie Dwivedi, Aria Guarino and Erin Hanratty.

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