Volume 14, Issue 40 ~ October 5 - October 11, 2006

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Giving Them Their Say ~ A Bay Weekly Exclusive

A frontline dispatch from Maryland’s red-hot governor's race: Governor Robert Ehrlich and Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Malley. interview by Sandra Olivetti Martin, Bay Weekly Editor

The U.S. Boat Show This Way Comes

Be afraid, be very afraid … by Paul Foer

Oyster on the Half-Shell and the Railroad Car

Remembering the good-old days of Maryland seafood packing. calvert marine museum exhibit review by Ben Miller

Way Downstream ~ Will the Magothy follow the Corsica as Maryland’s second Targeted Watershed … Maryland’s wine industry gets a $98,000 boost … Mosquitoes make the most of Chesapeake fall … Ft. Meade buys Millersville Landfill’s methane … In the Potomac, flourishing snakeheads make their way to the Bay … The state’s latest Reality Check pins our salvation on Smart Growth … And last but not least, this week’s CREATURE FEATURE, In Chesapeake Bay, this year’s feast means next year’s famine. So many rockfish were caught in last spring’s trophy season that next year’s quota will drop back.


LettersEditorialBay Reflections

Gunk-Holin’ ~ Leadenham Creek in the fall: Migrating ducks, misty mornings and vivid sunsets soothe the soul. by Alice SnivelyGunk-Holin’ ~ Leadenham Creek in the fall: Migrating ducks, misty mornings and vivid sunsets soothe the soul. by Alice Snively

The Sporting Life ~ Plugging the autumn shallows: The secret after all is technique, not color. by Dennis Doyle

Earth Talk ~ Drink a toast to eco-friendly wine caps: Is nature’s way still the best?

Bill Burton ~ You don’t know what you’re missing: A fine pen brings out its writer’s wisdom and flavor.

Dr. Gouin’s Bay Gardener ~ Make room for houseplants: Help your potted garden make a smooth transition indoors.

Tidelog®Sky Watch ~ A mutual attraction: The moon’s tug keeps things moving on earth. by J. Alex Knoll

8 Days a Week ~ Bay Weekly’s Guide to good times. by Carrie Steele-Madren

Flickerings ~ Parker on School for Scoundrels: We’d tolerate simpleton stuff to connect with the characters or get some hardy laughs. Unfortunately neither happens.

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