Volume 14, Issue 40 ~ October 5 - October 11, 2006

Letters to the Editor

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Seeing Through Marion Warren’s Eyes

Dear Bay Weekly:

Columnist Steve Carr wrote a good vignette on Marion Warren [Vol. xiv, No. 37: Sept. 14]. For me, Warren preserved images of the Bay region that I could only see through his photographs since those real images had passed on before I moved here in 1975. I, and we, owe him a great debt.

I enjoy reading Bay Weekly. You add a valuable perspective to the local press. Your sensitive treatment of environmental issues is an important contribution. As a land-use lawyer, I don’t always agree with you, but the environment and the Bay need all the help we can give them. Keep up the good work.

—Fred Delavan, Annapolis

Cross the Bay by Monorail

Dear Bay Weekly:

A third Bay Bridge for automobiles is a ridiculous concept, a concept created in another era of time, when land and fuel were cheap. But things have changed. Let’s bring ourselves into the 21st century as quick as we possibly can.

For this project, the state does not have to condemn any properties for roadways, because we already own all the space that we need to build this project. That space is above all the roads. The third Bay bridge we need can parallel the other two.

This mode of transportation is already in use in the U.S. and has a proven track record: the monorail system. It will be able to take vacationers to Ocean City and back home cheaper than they can drive themselves. It’s an idea that will certainly improve the quality of life for all. It also gives to the citizens of the Eastern Shore a mass transit system that will connect the towns on Route 50 to one another.

With any system of transportation, issues of convenience for the rider will be spoken about, but let’s look at reality’s big picture: Fuel is a big issue, along with the environmental costs of a new location for a third Bay Bridge for cars. Just as big is the quality of life on the Eastern Shore. To save the environment and to also get to the beach, we need to possibly make some sacrifices. The monorail is a great solution to this issue.

Let’s start building!

— Henry Immanuel, Elliott

Editor’s note: Mr. Immanuel was a Democratic candidate running for the County Council District 1 in Dorchester County.

Department of Corrections

“Long Strides Toward a Cure,” Dotty Doherty’s September 28 feature story on challenge walking [Vol. xiv, No. 39] gave credit to the wrong band of pirates. The pirate rest stop on the second day of the MS Challenge walk was run by Team Greykell, not Team Wench. Samantha Buckley, the girl pictured handing out chocolate coins, is also a member of Team Greykell. Besides running pirate rest stops, Team Greykell members also walk and bike in MS Challenge Walks and MS 150 Bike Rides to honor Greykell Dutton, who has multiple sclerosis. Dutton completed the Washington, D.C., 3-day MS Challenge Walk with teammates last weekend

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