Volume 14, Issue 43 ~ October 26 - November 1, 2006

Letters to the Editor

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Should Cox Be Held to a Different Standard?

Dear Bay Weekly:

I have never seen a publication pin down an important fact on the candidacy of Kristen Cox for lieutenant governor [in reference to Waving from the Wings: Vol. xiv, No 42: Oct. 19].

The fact is, she currently holds the cabinet job, which costs the treasury of Maryland in the six-figure amount (salary and benefits). Did she resign the cabinet job? If not, why not? Is the state paying her expense account?

Why have the media neglected to address this matter? 

—John Morgan, Annapolis

Editor’s reply: Who has failed to mention Cox’s job … or Brown’s … or Ehrlich’s … or O’Malley’s … or Steele’s … or Cardin’s? Elected or appointed, we pay their salaries. Why set her apart?

Build Rain Gardens in Traffic Circles

Dear Bay Weekly:

When you’re considering what goes into the center of traffic circles [Editorial, Vol. xiv, No. 39: Sept. 28] I ask you to consider the concept of rain gardens. The rain goes back down into the aquifer cleansed by soil, and you get a garden too, to surround your monument.

When people put up a sign identifying their community, as my community Cape St. John has done, a depression would capture water and water a garden. Wherever there would be elevation, let there be a depression first.

See for yourself how rain gardens work behind Heritage Office Building on Riva Road.

—Walter Jacobs, Cape St. John

When Art Falls Short of Life

Dear Bay Weekly:

The critic of the movie The Guardian [Flickerings: Vol. xiv, No. 39: Sept. 28] should be ashamed of him or herself for the disgusting account of this Coast Guard life-saving movie.

It was not a melodramatic slo-mo, boring action drama. And if it seemed like a recruiting movie for Coast Guard swimmers, I hope it was. After all the good work they did in New Orleans saving so many people, they need to be commended, not criticized.

If the movie was a “boring action drama,” then the person who criticized this movie was looking for the usual sex and violence movies they make now days! Maybe someday, you’ll need to be rescued by a swimmer, risking his or her life to save you!

—Maria Hahn, Arnold

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