Volume 14, Issue 46 ~ November 16 - November 22, 2006

Letters to the Editor

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A Voting Adventure

Dear Bay Weekly:

Pre-election worries about electronic voting, absentee ballots and possible voter intimidation led me to a voting adventure.

On election day, I was turned away from my polling place at the Mayo United Methodist Church on Old Turkey Point Road in Edgewater. Because I had requested an absentee ballot by mail and had not used it, I was told I could only vote at Anne Arundel County Board of Election headquarters in Glen Burnie.

I was angry, but mostly at myself for not sending the ballot in on time. However when I dug the absentee ballot instructions out of the recyclable trash, I found nothing about what would happen if you didn’t send in the ballot. The instructions only addressed #2 pencils, the deadline for mailing the ballot, etc.

I called the State Board of Elections and actually got through. A pleasant woman said someone would call me back. In 10 minutes, an official called to tell me I could go back and vote at my polling place with a provisional ballot. Before the call, the elections official had looked up my voter information and phoned my polling place.

Back at the polls, election officials thanked me. They said they had received three different instructions on the absentee ballot question and were now glad it was resolved.

Thanks to the Maryland State Board of Elections and Ross Goldstein for helping me cast my ballot.

—Ben Miller, Edgewater

One Good Old Boy for the Bay

Dear Bay Weekly:

Thanks for all you do to keep us informed of the grass roots in a grand grass roots style. I love your paper, and oh, my word, I loved that belly dancer cover of a few weeks back [Vol. xiv, No. 42: Nov. 19].

I’m amused in thinking back about the piece on Calvert County Del. Sue Kullen expressing her concern about the good old boys wanting to keep her out of office [Neck and Neck toward the House of Delegates: Vol. xiv, No. 41: Oct.12]. This good old boy values the condition of the life of our waters above all other issues. Being a good old boy of that ilk, I’d gladly give her my vote because without candidates like her and other Blue Crab candidates, we might as well kiss our wildlife resources goodbye.

Bravo for Sue’s work to build a bill to remove nitrogen and phosphorous from Patuxent River!

—Tom Wisner, Solomons Island

Department of Corrections

Last week’s Curtain Call, “Last Bow for Patricia Veneziani,” (Vol. 14; Issue 45, Nov. 9) reported that drama teacher Patricia Veneziani was newly board certified to teach English. She is in fact newly national board certified, which means she is able to teach English in any state.

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