Volume 14, Issue 47 ~ November 23 - November 29, 2006


Finding Purpose in Giving

In this issue we highlight praiseworthy efforts in area businesses to help people who need it.

In our region there are many businesses, big and small, that lend a hand. In these pages, staff writer Carrie Madren brings you accounts of several that stand for the best in all of us, along with some of the reasons for their generosity.

Forgive us if we over-analyze good deeds. But it’s our sense that we all can learn from an up-close look at compassion.

In Annapolis, Marilyn Snyder, of Ron Snyder Antiques, on West Street, explained that life is going well for her family. Business is good, too. So when disasters strike, even hundreds of miles away, the Snyders might be found loading a truck with supplies for journeys of mercy.

In Calvert County, Richard and Susan Fischer endured a disaster of their own this year when their restaurant, Lighthouse Inn, burned. But that hasn’t stopped them from putting the arm on distributors for contributions to feed hundreds of older folks, people without homes and the just plain lonely at Thanksgiving. And this year, Catamarans will provide a home for the feast.

At Mumsies Gourmet Cookies and Teacakes in Severna Park, Caterina Borg, another devotee of corporate social responsibility, commits a healthy portion of her profits for the work of her Sweet Missions charity.

In Deale, Barbara Sturgell, owner of the landmark Happy Harbor, is renowned in Southern Anne Arundel for generosity that ranges from donating cash to giving turkeys to people for whom this week’s traditional meal would be otherwise impossible.

There are many more such stories that speak of the richness of spirit in Chesapeake Country and a renewal of purpose.

If you’re like us, this generosity should make you happy this holiday season that you live where we live.

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