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Volume 14, Issue 8 ~ February 23 - March 1, 2006

Way Downstream

In Chesapeake Bay, the U. S. Navy this month has decided to continue its decade-long moratorium on conducting target practice on tiny Bloodworth Island. Navy planners had riled up watermen and boaters a year ago when they let it slip that planes might once again bomb and strafe Bloodworth, this time in the name of national security. But noting vaguely that its priorities had shifted, the Naval Air Station Patuxent River announced last week that nothing would change. Said Capt. Zachary Henry, Pax River commanding officer, “The Navy is committed to responsible environmental stewardship.” …

In Anne Arundel County, there must be something in the water that prompts county parks and recreation directors to seek to be county executive. The latest aspirant is Democrat Dennis Callahan, who currently holds that job and who announced last week that he’s running for county exec. Also running for the county’s top job is Tom Angelis, a Republican who held the parks-and-rec position before Janet Owens took over. It’s Angelis’ second try for county exec …

In Charles County, baseball fans are celebrating the announcement by the Atlantic League that Southern Maryland will be home to a minor league team next season. It will be high-level baseball, somewhere between Double-A and Triple-A, observed former O’s great Brooks Robinson, a consultant. The new team, whose stadium will be in St. Charles, is yet to be named, but whatever they settle on, it had better be good. Opponents will include the Long Island Ducks, Camden River Sharks and the Bridgeport Bluefish …

Our Creature Feature comes from India, where Bollywood film star Salman Khan is in deep trouble for killing rare deer. Bollywood, of course, is what they call India’s Mumbei-based movie center. Khan, a huge star who plays Romeo roles in Bollywood song-and-dance films, probably wishes he were someplace else right now.

That’s because he was sentenced to a year in jail for shooting a black buck, which is considered sacred in India. When the volatile star left the courtroom last week, Reuters reported that he appeared somber even as his fans shouted “Long live Salman Khan.”

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