Volume 15, Issue 1 ~ January 4 - January 10, 2007


Bay Weekly’s Top Ten List of Hopes for 2007

10. That our political leaders will come to their senses and understand that the precarious state of Chesapeake Bay requires new thinking, more money and better accountability about how it’s spent;

9. That slot machine legislation is packed up in Gov. Robert Ehrlich’s moving van and hauled away once and for all;

8. That no more of the new structures on West Street in Annapolis will qualify for our next ’07 award for the Best Big Building Bearing Down on Sidewalks and Pedestrians;

7. That Calvert County will reverse its folly in welcoming a third nuclear reactor in an area of exploding population and only one way out;

6. That the return of Democrats to total control in Annapolis will not bring us the arrogance and corruption that can accompany one-party control, as we have seen in D.C.;

5. That Maryland election officials will see the light so that we can see paper trails from those electronic voting machines;

4. That Baysiders will accept the reality of global warming and acknowledge that we along the Chesapeake must live with the prospect of rising waters — and more hurricanes —in coming years;

3. That the leaders we’ve elected and the staffs they hire will think into the future rather than rehash the status quo, bringing us policies that repay our over-drawn environmental account and invest in a future we can live in;

2. That our Bay Weekly writers display wit and wisdom (but no whining!) for this year’s 52 regular editions plus special issues;

1. That we at Bay Weekly continue finding better ways to brighten and enlighten as we rush together into 2007.

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