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Volume 15, Issue 11 ~ March 15 - March 21, 2007

Letters to the Editor

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Surf’s Up! But It’s Not Our Fault

Dear Bay Weekly:

In Volume 15, No. 7 [Feb. 15], I was glad to see Bill Burton identify himself as a Chicken Little when it comes to the significance of global warming. Unfortunately, like Chicken Little, he sees one thing and assumes another. Is global warming occurring? Yes! Is it a catastrophic situation? Possibly. Is it unexpected? No!

A look over the climatic changes of the last thousand years, a brief span in the history of earth, reveals several drastic changes. There was the mini ice age during the Dark Ages. Even as recently as the late 18th century, General Washington encountered the usual ice floes/frozen surface of the Delaware River. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was still common in New York City to walk across the frozen Hudson River. Today, these rivers never freeze over.

What makes Mr. Burton, Mr. Gore and all those exciting scientists think that climate is supposed to remain static? Hello: It changes. We are so used to thinking that humans can control everything in our environment that changes that are not to our liking are viewed as requiring intervention.

We are in a warming cycle. The polar ice caps are melting, and sea levels are rising. It is not all those contented California cows making cheese any more than the extra automobiles that are causing it. It’s part of a natural Earth cycle. While you may not like it, that doesn’t mean you should try to interfere with it. Interfering could make things even worse.

Has anyone told Mr. Burton that all of Maryland used to be underwater? Maybe he needs to study Earth sciences a little more! Hey Bill, surf’s up!

—Glenn Weder, Hollywood

Doyle Paints with Words

Dear Bay Weekly:

I am not even a fishing person but do so enjoy reading the extra comments in Sporting Life by Dennis Doyle. I especially liked the March 1 column, Weathering Snow and Winter, about the walk he and his wife took in the snow and the comments on all the wildlife they saw. His descriptions were so vivid I could see the pictures he painted with his words.

—Barbara Cantor, Edgewater

Department of Corrections

“A Day at the Wiener Dog Races” [Vol. xv; No 10: March 8], contained two errors. The pictured dachshund lover is Danielle Corteville of Chesapeake Beach with her dog Buttercup. The correct phone number for the Humane Society of Calvert County is 410-257-4908.

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