Volume 15, Issue 2 ~ January 11 - January 17, 2007

Letters to the Editor

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Wisner on Wisner

Dear Bay Weekly:

Thank you for the consideration in the work and thought you put into the feature article ‘A New Vision for Our Old Bay’ in Bay Weekly on Jan. 4 [Vol. xv, No. 1].

Over these many years of work on the spiritual/aesthetic aspects of public education about the Chesapeake, the press has been crucial. The visions that emerge in a feature like the one you have published are really a product of the exchange between the artist and the journalist.

Your work is noteworthy in my experience. Thanks for putting some order into the chaos of my thinking. I especially appreciate the way you shaped the material so each set of values was presented so others could find a way to choose to emulate the practice.

You have helped me to see new levels in the practice of doing songs and art of the region.

I value the voice of the grassroots in Bay Weekly. Carrie Madren is a fine reporter, and it is a privilege to have my work represented in the Bay Weekly stream of consciousness.

One important correction is that Carrie quotes the ‘Wade In’ poem as written in 1988 to commemorate the first wade in. It was written in 1983 to compel the initiation of a wade in. It was first published in The Baltimore Sun in 1986, then again in Tom Horton’s book Bay Country in 1987, while the first wade in actually happened, as she states, in the summer of 1988. This summer’s wade in will be the 20th annual event. Hopefully there will be good legislative news for the river.

—Tom Wisner, Solomons

Readers’ Best of Bay Weekly

Dear Bay Weekly:

For Best of the Bay Readers’ Choice:

In Feature, my choice is ‘Vera’s Last Act’ by Sandra Olivetti Martin.

However, my all-time favorite writer is that pipe-smoking Bill Burton. In particular, ‘The Roads I’ve Taken, Reflecting on 50 years in Maryland,’ is the very best writing.

Why? Bill Burton personifies the credo of Bay Weekly: “to provide a quality alternative, to focus on the good in society and to explore ways to improve our world.” Bill’s writing in ‘The Roads I’ve Taken’ shows optimism: He views his glass as half-full, not half-empty. What an inspirational message to all of us!

—Eddie Yo, Davidsonville

The Power of Words

Dear Bay Weekly:

I’m happy to let you know that as a result of my little piece in Bay Weekly about giving a donation to All Saints Church, in St. Mary’s County in lieu of Christmas presents to each other [Vol. xiv, No. 51], my wife Cindy’s grandfather, ‘Uncle Jim’ James Stancil of Palm City, Florida, has sent a check for $500 to also help our church.

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