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Volume 15, Issue 21 ~ May 24 - May 30, 2007


101 Days, 101 Ways

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,

Old Time is still a-flying:

And this same flower that smiles to-day

To-morrow will be dying.

Clergyman-poet Robert Herrick’s four-century-old sermon is true as ever. Roses are again budding and blooming; Chesapeake summer 2007 smiles on us today. But its 101 days will fly by. Before we know it, we’ll be teetering on the brink of Labor Day, wondering where all those days went.

So at Bay Weekly, we’ve gotten the jump on summer. Out of this Memorial Day issue, into your hands will fall Summer 2007’s edition of our annual and ever-popular Indispensable Guide to Summer on the Bay. It’s your guide to 101 Ways to Have Fun.

Truth is, this 68-page book brings you not 101 but 202 Ways to Have Fun. This year’s is our second Indispensable Guide to add 101 Ways Not Just for Kids to our traditional offering of 101 Ways mostly (you just have to add lemonade to your Martini and Margarita wagon) suitable for the whole family.

When the kids whine that there’s nothing to do, you can turn the tables 101 times. Eat a Cup of Dirt you can tell them, or Skip a Stone.

They’ll have fun, and you will, too.

If you start today and try a Way a day, you’ll still be having fun when Labor Day comes knocking. When your in-laws visit, it will guide you to show them a good time.

Summer ’07 will still fly by. But it doesn’t have to be forgotten. For here, too, are Ways to preserve summer. Keep a Ways Journal, and you’ll keep this summer recallable every time you open it. It can also make you and your family stars of Bay Weekly’s Memorial Day issue 2008, when we plan to run the fullest journal — illustrated with pictures — as our feature story.

How did you have fun this summer? Let us count the Ways.

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