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Volume 15, Issue 23 ~ June 7 - June 13, 2007

Summer Short Takes

How Chesapeake Friends and Neighbors Plan to Seize the Sultry Days of Summer

Interviews by Diana Beechener, Sonia Linebaugh, Sandra Olivetti Martin, Carrie Madren, Julie Randolph, Bethany Rodgers, Dotty Holcomb Doherty, Michelle Steel, Margaret Tearman and Bill Wohlfeld

Whitney and Brooke and sister Haley

Twins 6, Recent Kindergarten Grads of St. Mary’s Catholic School, Annapolis; Haley, 8, “just a big sister”: Edgewater

Brooke and Haley have big plans. They are going to spend the summer swimming and “just playing around.” Big sister Haley figures she’ll have to stay busy taking care of the twins. All three girls will be busy caring for their recently acquired goldfish: Junior, Fatty and Goldie.

Wren Droege

15, Davidsonville: South River High School Student / Volunteer

I’m spending a month working for Eco-Madera, an Ecuadorian reforestation project. There’s a lot of deforestation in that country, so we’ll be teaching the people that they should use the trees [for artisan work or in their own businesses] instead of selling them to logging companies. By doing this, Ecuadorians will make more money and help the environment.

Dean Winter

17, Lothian: Southern High School Rising Senior

I’ve never been to Montreal, Vermont or Boston, so the Friendship United Methodist Church Choir tour to those cities will be really exhilarating. My friends and I will be singing with kids that we’ll never sing with again.

Julie Randolph

18, Lothian: Bay Weekly intern

While I’m still hoping that my parents will change their minds and let me go somewhere — especially the West Coast — without them, I expect to spend most of my summer working, reading and getting ready for my freshman year at college.

Kellie and Beth Foster

19 and 22, Edgewater: High School Graduate; Loan Officer, Foster Financial

Now that we’re out of school, we have to work. It was more fun being a kid. [Kellie will spend her summer as a nanny to an Annapolis family; Beth will spend all summer “just working” at her job as a loan officer. The best vacation either budding businesswoman hopes for is] a week in Ocean City with friends.

Glenda Calderon

21, Belize: Newly hired in admissions, Anne Arundel Community College

I just came from Belize four months ago as an international student, and I’m majoring in business at Anne Arundel Community College. The biggest difference I’ve noticed between America and Belize is that here, you have to own a car to get around. So, this summer, I’m looking forward to getting paid and saving my money to pay for driving school. Maybe, for fun, I’ll visit Six Flags or Sandy Point.

Bethany Rodgers

22, Bowie: Bay Weekly intern and University of Maryland student

After shutting myself in my room and studying last semester, I’m trying to reconnect with my friends. I won’t have much free time, but I hope to steal away to the beach for a day or two and get some sun.

Diana Beechener

23, Pasadena: Bay Weekly calendar writer

I will be participating in a scientific study, conveniently held on my pier, to see if it is possible for German-English skin to turn any color but red when exposed to direct sunlight.

Alfredo Murillo

23, Huntingtown: Manager, Mexico Restaurant, Huntingtown

I’m traveling back to my hometown, Guadalajara City, in Jalisco, Mexico, where you see mountains of agave cactus. Tequila is made from agave. It’s the main drink of Jalisco, the State of Tequila. Relaxing by the pool and drinking tequila shots at open-air bars is what I’m looking forward to this summer.

David Haehnel

24, Wheeling, Illinois: Bowie Baysox Relief Pitcher

I plan on being here in Bowie and playing baseball for the Baysox. Hopefully we can win some games and make the playoffs this year. Maybe we can win the Eastern League; we’ll see what happens. Our job doesn’t allow time for vacation, because as baseball players, we have to be here until September. When I’m not playing baseball, I just kind of hang out at home and relax. I like going to the water park, going to the beach and getting a tan, and that’s about it. Baseball season really consumes my whole summer. So every time summer comes around, I know I will be playing ball.

Josh Cochran

25, Millersville: University of Maryland, Baltimore County and Security Systems Salesman for Slomins Shield

I’m going to take summer courses for my philosophy degree. I have no plans yet, but if I earn enough money, I may take a couple trips. I would like to go camping in northwest Maryland by myself. I’ll hike, but it’s mostly a time for me to be away from people and regroup my thoughts. I come back from nature and feel more sane. I don’t think I’ll be lonely, because I won’t be there for very long. But I am scared of the dark. So I’m going to make sure I’m inside my tent before it gets too dark!

Carrie Madren

27, Olney: Senior Bay Weekly staff writer

Kicked off summer early with a phone-less, TV-less, wire-less week with family in the scenic Pennsylvania mountains. High summer brings weekend trips to attend friends’ weddings, picnics in green locales, making seasonal meals with farmers’ market finds and reveling at a wine festival or two.

Rich Gilbert

29, Crofton: Video Game Designer: Blue Omega Entertainment, Baltimore

We just locked down the publishing deal today to produce a new video game, Damnation, for XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3, so I’ll be spending my entire summer locked inside, in the dark, no showers, no women, getting ready for the Thanksgiving release date. But first I’m celebrating with margaritas and co-workers.

Cathreen Benny

33, Breezy Point: Owner of Chez Elle Boutique, Chesapeake Beach

I’ve worked every weekend since Christmas. I’m ready for local relaxation this summer, spending time with my family on the beach, sitting half-naked with my toes in the sand, eating take-out pizza. We’re boaters. I’m a cruiser. My husband fishes, but he comes home empty handed. This year I’m going to catch the fish.

Josh Cohen

34, Annapolis: Anne Arundel County Councilman

Politicians are pretty much on call 24/7, but I do try to reserve some prime time in the summer to be with my family. We’ll be busy with a move to West Annapolis, but after that we’re planning to escape to the Outer Banks where we’ll be joined by some high school buddies. The adult agenda is to relax and do nothing in particular except ride our bikes and watch our three-year-old daughter play in the sand and jump the waves. I don’t think politics will be on our minds.

Maia Gallo and Lili Lani

38 and 13, Fairhaven Cliffs: Mother and Daughter; Staffer and Student at Fairhaven School

We’re going to Tanazania, on the other side of the world. We wanted to travel to Africa, but we want meaningful travel, where we can learn about another culture in depth, instead of just passing through. In this East African country, we’ll be volunteering in a small village, Bagamoyo, to help set up a daycare or a school in the community. We’re going through Cross Cultural Solutions, which organizes volunteers like us to help set up sustainable community initiatives to last after we’re gone. It’s a great way to volunteer for a short time!

Michelle Steel

40, The Willows: Bay Weekly Contributing Writer

I’m spending my summer writing (for Bay Weekly), reading and relaxing on vacations to Ocean City and Florida with my family.

Brian Bohn

41, Annapolis: Executive Director, Maryland Federation of Art

I’m going hiking. Ever since I was a kid, when I walked the trails on the outskirts of Ellicott City, I’ve been fascinated with the wild and vivid colorations of the abandoned work camps, the quarries and surrounding forests. That inspired me to become a color field painter. I’ve hiked all over the country, but I prefer the East because I don’t have to worry so much about bears and rattlesnakes. The demands of work at the art gallery don’t allow an extended vacation, so I grasp every small opportunity to take day hikes to reconnect to my youthful fascination with nature.

Sue Kullen

46, Governor’s Run: Calvert County, State Delegate, District 27B

I’m not campaigning. I’m looking forward to finding ways to weave friends back into my life. For the last two years [running to keep the House of Delegates seat to which I was appointed] I’ve been neglecting them — or charging them to come to [fundraising] parties.

Bobby Sturgell

47, Owings: Federal Aviation Administration Deputy Administrator and Acting Chief Operating Officer

The FAA is a big, 24-hour agency with 46,000 people and over 500 manned air-traffic facilities. There’s always something going on. But this summer I’m hoping I can last a week with no bad weather or accidents for a family get-together with my wife Lynn’s family — her folks from North Dakota and brothers from Virginia, Phoenix and Washington state — in Priest Lake in Idaho for five days of skiing, fishing and sunning.

Cynthia Polansky

49, Crownsville: Author of Far Above Rubies

My summer’s already exciting. At the NYC Book Expo the line for my autograph was longer than for Joyce Carol Oates at the next table. I’m still on a high with more book events scheduled. On top of that my, husband and I are taking a cruise to Scandinavia and Russia. I’ve always wanted to see the fjords.

Margaret Tearman

49, Huntingtown: Bay Weekly writer

Our old house needs a new roof, negating any hopes for a far-away summer adventure. Instead, I will be content with exploring the upper reaches of the Patuxent by kayak. And there are always weeds to be pulled and grass to be mowed…

Lois Simpson

Age classified, Pasadena: Retired Bank Manager, Member of Ann Arrundell Historical Society

This is my first summer off in 33 years, and I plan to enjoy it. I’m going to take the time to relax. My only summer job is cashier at the Anne Arundel Strawberry Festival [June 9]. After that, I’m done!

Miguela Rader

Age classified, Glen Burnie: Morale, Welfare and Recreation Center Worker, United States Naval Academy and Naval Support Activity Annapolis

I’m spending my summer working at the MWR entertaining kids. They’re always looking at me, like who are you lady? but I have fun with them.

Gordon Bowen

Age classified, Huntingtown: Owner of Bowen’s Grocery and Honorary Mayor of Huntingtown

Work, work, work, work, work and work some more. Summer is a really busy time for us. That sounds pretty boring, doesn’t it? But when I’m not working, I am going to get to some classic street rod car shows. Oh, and spend some time with my grandchildren, of course.

Mary Miller

“Ladies don’t tell their age, but somewhere between 50 and 60.” Edgewater: Museum Exhibit Maintenance Supervisor, The National Museum of American History, Washington, D.C.

I’m planning a girls’ kayaking and indoor camping weekend. It will be about good friends, good eats, non-harmful exploration of waterways followed by some hammock time under the trees. Oh, and I want to spend as much time as possible reading, preferably in that hammock under the trees. Boring, eh?

Michael Bojokles

50, North Beach: Town Mayor

In July, my two daughters and Mr. Mom (me), are spending a week surrounded by dancing, elaborate costumes, head pieces, hats and shoes. They are members of a show troupe performing at this year’s National Dance Competition in Cape May. It’s a fun-filled week. It’s also a lot of work. We’ll have a little time to enjoy the beach. I’ll have a lot of time to be proud of their accomplishments.

Leo Pickens

51, Annapolis: Athletic Director, St. Johns College.

Imagine 14 days without speaking, reading, writing or making eye contact with another person. That’s Leo Pickens’s plan for his two weeks on a meditation retreat.

Each day, we’re sunk in a flood of language — through discursive thinking, talking, television, radio and books. If I can get into a place that’s still and silent and wordless, there’s wisdom to be gained, including deep intuitive insights about just being human.

Cathy Krohn

51, Annapolis: Saleswoman in furniture at Macy’s

I’m going to England and Scotland this summer with my husband and two kids. I’m looking forward to seeing the little countryside villages that tourists don’t frequent, but we’re also going to be there for the Harry Potter book release on July 21. We are attending a party for the release in Edinburgh castle, and we’re going to a couple of events in London, too. I’m not going to dress up for these parties, but my daughter, Charlotte, and her friend might. My 16-year-old daughter only wants the British version of the Potter book [Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows], so she’s already ordered one online. I’ve only read the first two books, but I’m going to read this last one.

Lauren M. Parker

52, Pasadena: Anne Arundel County Register of Wills,

My plans are pretty tame. I’m hoping to pack up my family and make the short hop to Ocean City.

Jack Boswell

53, Prince Frederick: Prince Frederick volunteer firefighter; retired from Giant Foods

My wife Charlotte and I will be going to Ashland, Kentucky, to visit family and then to Ocean City for the firefighters’ convention. Other than those two trips, I plan on spending a lot of time at Baysox and Orioles games. When I’m not at a game, I hope to be sitting in my pool and staying cool with lots of soda and ice tea.

Dr. Martha Smith

58, Glen Burnie: President, Anne Arundel Community College

The highlights of my summer will be two events that bring family together at special gatherings for one nephew’s high school graduation and one nephew’s wedding. I also plan to attend two conferences, Education Commission of the States in Philadelphia and Workforce Innovations 2007 in Kansas City.

Jean Teitelman

58, Shady Side: Southern High School Art Teacher

I’m spending my whole summer in Portland, Oregon, to visit my new granddaughter, Rebecca, born August 18, 2006. It’s hard to be a supportive grandparent 3,000 miles away, so I’m really hoping that she and I get to know each other.

Janet Greenip

59, Crofton: State Senator, District 33

I’m going to spend as much time as possible sailing on my 34-foot Gemini catamaran. I came in last night, and I’m going on it again in about 10 minutes for the weekend. June 9, I’m doing a family reunion to Rehoboth Beach. I have people coming in from as far as Houston and Colorado to sail with me to Rehoboth for the week. We’re going to sail around the Bay; we’re ambitious. And I like to do what we call gunkholing, finding a cove to spend the night.

Jack Jones

60ish “But I’m bloody lying!” Wales and Zimbabwe: Retired Rhodesian Army Officer

I’m spending the next month or so in Annapolis, trying not to annoy my daughter and son-in-law. Next week I’m sailing up to Liberty, New York, with my son-in-law to deliver a boat. We’ll ride the train back to Annapolis, where I’ll probably spend the rest of my time in the States, visiting pubs and staying out of trouble.

Joe Stewart

60, Baltimore: State Government Attorney and Open-water Swimmer

I start getting out on the open water at the end of April, and by June I’m basically done because of the sea nettles. May 30, I swam an eight-mile relay in the Potomac River Swim, and I’ll swim three miles in Maryland Swim for Life in Chestertown on June 16. The rest of the summer, I’ll swim in the Gunpowder, where there are no sea nettles. I swim at the Meadowbrook Pool in Baltimore, an outdoor pool along Jones Falls where Olympian Michael Phelps trained. I’m one of those people who gets up when it’s still dark to swim the 50-meter lane pool. You can watch the sun come up.

Sonia Linebaugh

61, Fairhaven: Longtime Bay Weekly contributor

I’m going on a Florida trip and kayaking on the Chesapeake with children in my lap.

John and Phyllis Morgan

62 and 53, The Willows: Actively Retired

We began cruising in 1993. This summer marks our 14th and 15th cruise line adventure. We’re boarding the Royal Caribbean for Alaska in July, then New England and Canada in August. In the fall, we’re cruising overseas for the first time to visit our daughter Holly in Hong Kong.

Bill Thompson

65, Annapolis: Retired

I love nature. Every summer I escape to New Hampshire with its open skies, mountains and sparkling lakes, where my hobby is raising a pet llama and three alpacas. I give them food and shelter and in return they give me the wonderful wool off their backs, which my wife Suzanne enjoys spinning. As an added bonus, they keep the lawn mowed! We consider them part of our family as we all commune with nature.

Peter Abresch

74, Prince Frederick: Author of the Jim Dandy Elderhostel Mysteries Series

After many lessons from Good Deale Bluegrass, starting at age 74, I hope to start playing the banjo for my church. Most special, I’m going to output my first podcast, my novel If They Ask for a Hand, Only Give Them a Finger.

Judge Gordon H. Witherspoon

79, Sherwood Forest: Anne Arundel County Orphans’ Court Judge

When you’re descended from a Declaration of Independence signer — Rev. John Witherspoon in Judge Witherspoon’s case — family is important.

My summer plans don’t vary. Each year my family comes to my home for an extended family reunion. Sherwood Forest has so many amenities that we don’t need to leave. My children travel from Baltimore and Hawaii, where we spend a few weeks catching up while my grandchildren go to camp.

William Donald Schaefer

85, Baltimore: Former Baltimore Mayor, Governer and Comptroller

I have a house in Montego Bay at Ocean City that I visit during the summer. It’s a real nice place. I just sit out on the porch and look at the canal. I get up, watch TV, go to the porch, watch more TV and go out for lunch. I like to eat at Dirty Harry’s, where I get the flounder. Then, I go home and watch more TV. I like watching Westerners. John Wayne is my favorite.

Bill Wohlfeld

“Senior,” Annapolis: First-time Bay Weekly writer

I plan to visit our daughter in Newburyport, Massachusetts, as well as doing a lot of canoeing locally. I also look forward to continuing my journalistic ventures here in Annapolis.

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