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Volume 15, Issue 35 ~ August 30 - September 5, 2007


Transition Time: After Summer Vacation, It’s Back to Work and Ahead to Autumn Pleasures

Here at Bay Weekly, we’re working folks who can’t indulge in those long summer vacations we remember from school days. We’ve lost the luxury of time, but we’ve kept the association of summer with endless days of play.

So the coming of Labor Day, often — like this year — blown in on cool winds, is bittersweet. Until we remember that in Chesapeake Country, opportunities for good times abound. Here in the land of pleasant living, there’s absolutely no reason the change of season should spoil our fun.

Next week, lest you think September brings all work and no play, we will bring you an annual Bay Weekly favorite: 50 Ways to Leave Your Summer.

That keeper issue is our time-tested guide to autumnal outings, outdoor delights on land and water and the harvest season. It’s your playbook to pleasures aplenty until the winter holiday season catches up with us.

This week, as summer tilts toward autumn and daylight steals sooner away, our subject is how we work.

In this transitional Labor Day issue, we look at the jobs we do: from pet-sitter to yoga-teacher to E-Bay trader to school nurse to undercover agent. Not only are we diverse, our writers discovered in this special issue coordinated by staff writer Margaret Tearman; we’re as enthusiastic about the ways we work as about the ways we play.

Like good stewards, we’re harvesting the value of each hour, at work and at play.

School buses are honking and swimming pools all too soon locking their gates. But the season of good times is far from gone. We’re trading sweaty nights for cool ones, peaches for apples and, as the season progresses, crabs for oysters. That’s the kind of deal we call win-win.

Wherever we go, our Chesapeake neighbors tell us how they love living on the Bay and how they plan on continuing the pleasures of summer, like kayaking and crabbing.

These two issues, the end of August and the beginning of September, we celebrate the richness of life at work and at play.

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