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Volume 15, Issue 39 ~ September 27 - October 3, 2007

Letters to the Editor

We welcome your opinions and letters – with name and address. We will edit when necessary. Include your name, address and phone number for verification. Mail them to Bay Weekly, P.O. Box 358, Deale, MD 20751 • E-mail them to or submit your letters on line, click here

Beware the Crocs

Dear Bay Weekly:

Like Bill Burton [Vol. xv, No 35: Aug. 30], I am an avid wearer of Crocs. Unfortunately, there are a number of safety issues and concerns regarding their use:

1. One of my Crocs was drawn into the steps of an escalator at the Minneapolis airport last summer. It happened when I was halfway up the escalator rather than where the stairs unfold at the top and bottom. I was able to pull loose, tearing the Croc and the tip of my sock; my toe was about to be pulled in.

2. Usually I drive with the strap behind my heel and have not experienced any problem. However, one day I drove with the strap folded forward, as many people do, and the Croc slipped halfway off my foot, drastically reducing my control of the brake and gas pedals in heavy traffic on a road with no place to pull off. You can rest assured that I will never do that again.

3. According to my physician’s assistant, who is an avid Croc wearer, Anne Arundel Medical Center is considering banning Crocs, which are worn by many nurses, because of concern that needles could fall through the openings in the shoes.

4. There is some concern that walking with Crocs could cause the buildup of a static electronic charge that could affect sensitive medical electronic equipment.

–David Waksman, Annapolis

Annapolis Cruised for Animal Legal Defense Fund

Dear Bay Weekly:

Watermark’s Harbor Queen left Annapolis City Dock with 150 people and 80-plus well-mannered canines on Sept. 21 for a cause: Little Ben’s Big Fundraiser Cruise. This is the second year Annapolis’ Paws Pet Boutique sponsored the event to benefit Animal Legal Defense Fund to help stop animal neglect and abuse.

–Larry Kownacki, Annapolis

Pet Day 5K Raises $12K

Dear Bay Weekly:

The Humane Society of Calvert County, a no-kill animal welfare organization sponsored by the United Way of Calvert County, would like to thank everyone who participated in or sponsored our 5th Annual Pet Day 5K in Solomons on Sept. 22. This year’s event has turned out our most successful fundraiser. With 273 participants and over 70 dogs, we raised about $12,000, which will directly benefit the animals in our care. This event would not have been as successful without the support of our friends in the community.

We look forward to the next Pet Day 5K in 2008, bigger and better than ever!

–Kristy Horrocks & Jody Shaver. HSCC Volunteers and Pet Day 5K Coordinators

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