Volume 15, Issue 7 ~ February 15 - February 21, 2007

Letters to the Editor

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Words Echoing Dreams

Dear Bay Weekly:

I wanted to thank you for Margaret Tearman’s Reflection [Dreaming of a Calvert Piazza: Vol. xv, No 3: Jan. 18] about yearning for a bookstore.

As it turns out, she perfectly described the project with which I have been involved for the past year. I am working with a small group that has the funds to open a bookstore exactly as you described: a place of hospitality, good reading, meaningful conversation and community gatherings. But we have been stumped in our ability to find the right location. The bookstore will be a nonprofit with any “profits” going back into community initiatives to enhance the quality of life in Calvert County.

Because of our volunteer base, we need to be in the northern end of the county (the Beaches, Owings, Dunkirk or Huntingtown.) Ideally, we’d like it to be attractive while being accessible with adequate space and parking. Turns out, this is a tough set of requirements.

Recently, we have begun conversations with the Bay Arts Center and Twin Beach Players about the potential for building an eco-friendly Center for Community and the Arts that would house all three projects. Who knows where that may lead.

It is our fondest dream to make this happen, and it was a real boost to the spirits to hear an echo of that dream in your words.

—Wendy Fambro, Owings

Canadians Drive Smart Cars

Dear Bay Weekly:

Author Carrie Madren states that the Smart Car is only available in Europe [Smart Car Turns Heads: Vol. xv, No 6: Feb. 8]. Not so. It has been on sale in Canada for at least a year.

—Ray Stacey, Victoria, BC

38 More Years of Love

Dear Bay Weekly:

I enjoyed “Reconnecting: A Love Story” [Vol. xv, No. 6: Feb. 8] in which author Ben Miller says that he married the woman he fell in love with 38 years before.

I am happily married to the woman I fell in love with 38 years before, and have been so for the past 38 years.

—John W. Van de Kamp, Annapolis

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