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Letters to the Editor

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Don’t Bowdlerize Brezsny

Dear Bay Weekly:

My family likes Rob Brezsny, and saves our newspapers. Mr. Brezsny was not offensive [Letters: Vol. xvi, No 11: March 13]; his horoscope was a wonderful missive about tolerance and forgiveness through life’s ickiness. My seven-year-old already knows the word “penis,” and won’t learn it from Bay Weekly. If anyone finds the Libra horoscope in question [March 6] offensive, well, they can read Dr. Seuss. Please don’t bowdlerize Bay Weekly.

–Gregory Scaff, Annapolis

Look Further on Leather and Ethanol

Dear Bay Weekly:

EarthTalk in the March 13-March 19 issue of Bay Weekly purports to tell “The Eco-Truth About Leather.” Certainly, there are disadvantages to leather, especially when it is processed in certain ways. But the authors have neglected to mention whether or not the production of Pleather, Durabuck and NuSuede also release pollutants, and if so, how these compare to those released in the production of leather. And are these products not derived from petroleum? I don’t know the answer to these questions; I’m asking.

I’m not as green as I should be, but I try to live greener today than I did yesterday. I depend on sources such as EarthTalk for correct information about living greener, and I’m disappointed when they give only part of the information I need to make decisions.

–James R. Huddle, Annapolis

Uneducated Voters, Unreliable Politicians

Dear Bay Weekly:

Carr’s all wet! [Did You Vote? How Maryland can double its best turnout: Vol. xvi, No. 8: Feb. 21.]

Myself, I agree with Thomas Jefferson, who said, “only educated, Land Owners and Merchants vote.” All the rest of the voters are led by their noses and told who to vote for. This is not a fair election; it just puts the same old cronies back in office telling you what is good for you!

About 35 years ago, we voted for a lottery. This money was supposed to keep our schools up to date and new ones built as required. Now our politicians take away from the school budget, cut back on the police and fire departments.

I think everyone in the statehouse from the governor down to the legislators should take a cut in salary.

–George Munson, Churchton

Is Wind Energy a Pipe Dream?

Dear Bay Weekly:

While it is appropriate that Bay Weekly publicize the current state-of-the-art in wind technology it would also seem appropriate that some balance be reported such as recognizing it is uneconomical for most of Maryland due to low natural wind speeds. While your article [Putting the Wind to Work: Vol. xvi, No. 11: March 13] did say as much, between the lines, it could also be read by the naive to be wholeheartedly endorsing wind power for everyone. As is pointed out, the technology is really not here on a commercial scale, it is expensive to buy and install, requires serious amounts of open space or extreme heights, is not capturing much attention state-wide despite some nominal subsidies, and is, truth be told, not going to do anything to address energy consumption needs in Maryland.

–Government Man

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