Volume 16, Issue 35 - August 28 - September 3, 2008

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Letters to the Editor

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Downspout Deluge Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Dear Bay Weekly:

Your recent coverage of an important piece of the work of Steve Barry and his staff at Arlington Echo Outdoor Center [“Catching the Downspout Deluge” Vol., xvi. No 33: Aug. 18] is exemplary.

They are affecting change from Arlington Echo into AA County in an unprecedented range of activities. Their excellent and tireless work to promote the use of rain barrels with students and citizens deserves the attention and affirmation brought by your article.

Carrie Madren’s fine article with the excellent shot of young Connar on the cover is actually just the tip of the iceberg. A periodical could devote an entire section of every issue to the work of their Chesapeake Connections Program and still have plenty left over at the end of a year.

Their staff is in the process of training classroom teachers and getting out there in the schools to involve students in watershed management, planting projects and turtle- and eel-raising projects all year.

They are a model form of outdoor learning in the state of Maryland and on the East Coast of the U.S. with no equal.

Thanks for all you do to keep us aware of progress in our region.

–Tom Wisner, Solomons

Eye-Strained over

8 Days a Week

Dear Bay Weekly:

You have started to use a smaller type-print in the calendar. Even with my glasses, I’m having trouble reading it. Perhaps most people have not called you to complain about this simply because they feel they have no control over it. Is there a reason for this size decrease? Is there anything that can be done to enlarge the print?

–Liz Harris, Annapolis

Editor’s note: This eye-strained reader is right. The sluggish economy is forcing us to print fewer pages. Smaller type is one alternative to fewer listings in a calendar where we make it our mission — and our pride — to be comprehensive.

The problem is relieved this week by Labor Day’s less hectic schedule of events — and by reducing the space we give to long-running art exhibits.

We want to hear from you. Tell us how we can better use our space to satisfy you. I’m listening at [email protected].

This Osprey Needs a Compass

Dear Bay Weekly:

I’ve just posted one of the more remarkable maps I’ve produced for one of our juvenile osprey. Every year the newly fledged birds do something that just makes your jaw drop. We’ve never had it happen this early in the season.

Of the nine birds tagged since 2005, Meadow is the bird to follow if you’re pressed for time: www.bioweb.uncc.edu/bierregaard.

–Rob Bierregaard,

University of North Carolina-Charlotte

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