Volume 16, Issue 36 - September 4 - September 10, 2008

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Bay Reflections

Ode to the 101 Ways of 2008

by Dotty Holcomb Doherty

Of the 101 Ways of summer fun,
I have happily done my share.
With Bay Weekly to guide me
I found plenty to inspire me:
Thank you writers for such bountiful fare.
I greeted the sun as I rowed my boat (1)
Past trotliners on the Bay.
At Hillsmere I went wading (2)
With a group anticipating
A good Fowler-index that day.
I sat in the shade in my backyard (11),
Watching hummers at my feeder (89).
While my line flapped with clothes (81)
Into library books I dove (77) —
Clad only in shorts and T-shirt. (91)

I sauntered through woods watching birds (49),
I sidled through Eastport at noon (22)
For lunch with my honey
At street-end parks for no money; (41)
Strolled docks just to look at the moon. (51)
My family celebrated World Environment Day (3)
Biking to the Maritime Museum in Annapolis (21).
We toured Thomas Point Light (73),
Enjoyed the 360-degree sight (92):
What a wonderful adventure that was.

I snuck a pat of my honey’s buns (42)
While wandering our neighborhood roads;
Many of our cheap dates (41, again)
Were spent eating off tin plates
While listening to concerts outdoors (87).

My taste buds were internationalized (14)
With Greek chicken, pad Thai and sushi.
We fired up our Weber (34)
In all kinds of weather.
Those afternoon thunderstorms were doozeys.
While my parsley grew for the swallowtails (39),
I picked blackberries in the park (78).
We grilled squash every week (58).
Ate fresh fruit at its peak (26):
Thank you farmers for all of your work.
We flew a flag on the Fourth of July (94)
And a kite at the beach for fun (98).
The fireworks over Spa Creek (33)
Were as always, a treat (48),
Boat horns blowing after every good one.
I made every type of bubble wand,
and blew bubbles of every size (72);
I followed croaks and found frogs
In small creeks under logs (55) —
Took photos but not for a prize (93).
We fried up fish my sister-in-law caught (24),
Rolled crusts for blueberry pies (44);
Read Bay Weekly each week (101).
Made a sandman at the beach (16) —
Watched the stars in clear summer skies. (29)
We always love bocce at the beach (62),
Croquet at our family reunion;
But the clank of a ringer
Makes horseshoes a winner
For best backyard sound of the summer.
I gathered flowers for summer bouquets (96),
Watered my in-laws’ bucket-grown tomatoes (8),
Ate cold soup made from cherries (84),
Drank peach smoothies with berries (26, again):
Such glorious fare the Bay region holds!
I often indulged in a tomato sandwich (9),
Delicious heirlooms from Deep Cove Farm;
Paddled my canoe through marsh grass (76),
Searched the beach for sea glass (36)
Chose chem-free lotions to keep me from harm (32).
 I watched my very first Maryland joust (15),
Wrote letters to family and friends (67),
Ate crabs with Old Bay (54),
Sent a turtle on its way (19) —
And now alas summer must end.
I have a few Ways left to do,
I will keep the list beside me;
I’ll keep playing this fall,
Then next summer have a ball —
With another 101 Ways to delight me.

© COPYRIGHT 2008 by New Bay Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved.