Volume 16, Issue 39 - September 25 - October 1, 2008

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Letters to the Editor

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Who’s Doing What for and Against Our Bay?

Dear Bay Weekly:

Thanks for publishing my letter “Burton’s Right: Unleash the Pit Bulls” [No. 37: Sept. 11].

Sadly, however, only our politicians and our attorney general, Doug Gansler (the environmental attorney general, as he says) can prosecute those who pollute our Bay in direct and egregious violation of the federal Clean Water Act.

Perhaps you could publish a list of those lobbyists who we could write to or email expressing our dismay over their position regarding contributing toward the Bay’s demise.

I’m sure that each lobbyist believes that he is earning his paycheck, as did all those lobbyists for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Look at where they are now. They vehemently opposed regulation. Now they are looking for another client and probably still don’t get it.

May I also suggest that you publish a column more often about efforts to clean up the Bay by various organizations and individuals and keep a running tab on who, if anyone, is being cited and prosecuted for violating the Clean Water Act?

We only have until 2010 to get it right.

–Clifford Dean, Annapolis

Searching for Music Notes

Dear Bay Weekly:

Where is Music Notes? I was looking through your current paper, and I couldn’t find it. I must have looked three times.

–Gene Young, North Beach

Editor’s note: We’re glad Mr. Young noticed Music Notes’ absence from the pages of Bay Weekly’s print edition. To find where it’s gone and why, read this week’s Letter from the Editor.

27th Celebration of Life Gala Raises $325,000 in One Night

Dear Bay Weekly:

As honorary co-chairs of the 27th Annual Celebration of Life for the American Cancer Society, we would like to thank the community for its outstanding support. Thanks to the generous spirit of our beach communities, we met our personal goal of raising $100,000 in new money for this very worthwhile cause. The total amount raised is still being tabulated as checks are still coming in, but we are confident in these tough economic times that we raised well over $325,000 to fight cancer.

We could not have done it without your help. Thank you again.

The event on August 7 was a great success. Over 1,200 people attended, the rain for the most part stayed away and Chesapeake Beach and Calvert County — with your help — once again told cancer that it was not welcome in our community.

–Pat and Bob Carpenter, Chesapeake Beach

Missing Dock of the Bay

Dear Bay Weekly:

Is Dock of the Bay coming back? It’s credible, off beat and deals with a lot of things in our lives. The quality of your coverage is still high, but I miss that section.

–Chuck Erskine, Port Republic

Editor’s note: You caught us. We’ve sometimes sacrificed that smart compilation of environmental tidbits and regional news plus oddities and creature feature to other stories. Look for Dock of the Bay this week.

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