Volume 16, Issue 40 - October 2 - October 8, 2008

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Letters to the Editor

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Slights and Injustices, Both Real and Imagined

Dear Bay Weekly:

I enjoy reading Bay Weekly each week. Everyone associated with producing the newspaper does a great job!

The September 4 article on handwriting analysis pertaining to senators Obama and McCain was interesting. The front page photos of the two presidential candidates was also an interesting contrast in the way they were shown.

Sen. Obama had a big smile, while Sen. McCain was shown with a more serious look. Some might say this was a slight against Sen. McCain by showing Sen. Obama as more friendly, but I’m not so sure.

In the first place, before the campaign is over, we will have seen hundreds of pictures of both candidates, both smiling and with serious looks on their faces. Then there’s the video coverage and the TV campaign commercials. So I doubt seriously if anyone is basing their voting decision based on any one photo.

In fact, some people would argue that a picture of a smiling presidential candidate in these difficult times might not be as flattering as one with a more serious demeanor. No matter which candidate we may prefer, some of us are likely to find some perceived slights and injustices, both real and imagined, with news media coverage.

–John Douglas Parran. St. Leonard

More Elisavietta, Please

Dear Bay Weekly:

I just wanted to convey how much I enjoyed Elisavietta Ritchie’s lyrical Ornithological Report in the September 18 issue [Letters to the Editor]. In our fast-paced world, it’s a joy to have the opportunity to sit back and absorb such a vivid and authentically felt account of our natural world. I know you’re pressed for space, but is there any chance you could find a few lines for a regular report from Elisavietta Ritchie at Broomes Island?

–Erik Michelsen, Churchton

Editor’s note: Elisavietta Ritchie runneth over with words. So we can promise you at least irregular reports from Broomes Island. But to find them, you’ll have to read faithfully.

Seeking Local Flies

Dear Bay Weekly:

My new son-in-law is a fly fisherman (mostly dry) who is new to Maryland. I would like to get him four or five flies for Christmas tied by a local fly tying expert that would be good in streams in Western Maryland, Virginia or West Virginia. Could Bill Burton or Dennis Doyle recommend someone?

Thanks so much.

–Bill Steiner, via email

Dennis Doyle’s reply: Call Gordon Mitchell at Winchester Creek Outfitters on Kent Island at 410-827 7000. He has a local artisan who ties all of their trout flies.

Department of Corrections

Due to an unaccountable editing error, the phrase — doubtless the fault of the other driver — appeared out of context and was wrongly attributed to Maryland Highway Administration spokesman Charlie Gischlar in the Sept. 25 story “Take the High Way: 100 Years of Maryland State Roads.”

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