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Volume 16, Issue 42 - October 16 - October 22, 2008
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Holland Point

Preserving the memories of another beach community

by Ben Miller

Holland Point, also called North Beach Park, in southern Anne Arundel County north of North Beach, has a book of its own — Holland Point, written by Janet Bates, Joy Baker and Alice Birney for their sponsor, the Holland Point Citizens Association.

This photograph-filled paperback preserves images and recollections from the days of this recreational community’s founding in 1922.

The authors wanted to document a fast-changing community in hopes that the book will help deepen the sense of place for today’s Holland Point residents.

All three have long associations with this recreational and residential community. Bates saw Holland Point for the first time in the summer of 1930.

Bates, Baker and Birney divided the labor to gather and scan photos, research facts and interview longtime residents, as well as write chapter introductions and captions.

Their advice to writers and researchers echoes Ginger Doyel’s: Prepare for hard work. Give yourself enough time. Organize all materials. Record the names, dates and places of all photographs. Don’t become discouraged. It’s all worthwhile.

Holland Point is published by Arcadia Publishing as part of the Images of America local and regional history series, a publisher seeking other community stories. The book sells for $19.95 from local and online booksellers or through Arcadia Publishing at; 888-313-2665.

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