New Bay Times Birthday Bivalve Bash Only Five Weeks Hence

The Countdown Begins & You're Invited!


We've got a birthday coming up. On April 22, New Bay Times turns five.

That's five full years, of course, because you don't get even one birthday until you've lived a full year. We wouldn't belabor that point had there not been some days among those 1,826 when we knew we were out of our minds to make a newspaper from scratch.

Folk-wisdom says a business that survives five years is going to make it. That goal seemed impossibly far in the future five years ago when New Bay Times came into being on April 22 - Earth Day - 1993. We just wanted to make a great little paper one week at a time.

Actually, two weeks at a time, for we were fortnightly back then. And so pleased just to be doing it - living our dream - that we threw a 10th issue party back on August 27, 1993.

Now that five years is just weeks away, we're throwing another party - this one a big, bivalve birthday bash.

But we're waiting a few days longer - until Sunday, May 3 - so as not to compete with your other Earth Day plans.

Here it is, folks, and you're invited, so mark your calendars now:

New Bay Times, the Bay Weekly newspaper, will celebrate its fifth birthday with an open-to-all barbecue picnic from noon to 5pm on Sunday, May 3, at Surfside 7, along the South River at the Rt. 2 bridge in Edgewater. There'll be free food and non-alcoholic beverages for all our readers, advertisers, distribution partners and friends.

Some of Maryland's most prominent political leaders and leading environmental advocates are expected, too.

Come by land or by water for the only easy parking on the Bay on a day that will see huge crowds turning out for the Bay Bridge Walk, the Whitbread Yacht Race and the Spring Boat Show.

(We hope some of those people will also join us in the fun.)

As well as fun, we're dedicating our birthday to supporting a great Bay cause, one of the most promising Chesapeake restoration efforts, the Oyster Recovery Partnership.

"The Oyster Recovery Partnership is a nonprofit co-venture of watermen, scientists and environmentalists dedicated to one common goal: restoring Chesapeake Bay oyster populations," said Bob Pfeiffer, director of the Partnership.

"Restoration will result in both improvement in Bay habitat for all living resources and economic growth in communities dependent on the seafood industries," he added.

Bringing back oysters is viewed by many as the only sure-fire way to clean up the Bay. Oysters not only taste good, they are scientific marvels, filtering many times their weight.

In the 1900s, oysters filtered the entire Chesapeake Bay once a week. But over the years, oyster populations have plummeted for a host of reasons. It takes today's oysters a full year to filter the Bay. Even so, an adult oyster in summer filters up to 50 gallons of water every day.

"During the summer of 1997, the Partnership restored 22 acres of oyster habitat," said Pfeiffer.

We hope to add to that figure in 1998 - with a little help from our friends.

The Oyster Recovery Partnership and New Bay Times are seeking tax-deductible contributions of goods and services to be auctioned during the party from 2:30 to 4:30pm. The auction will be conducted by Pam Parks and Judy Howard of WhittMar Auctioneering, and the proceeds will go to further colonize Oyster Recovery Partnership sanctuaries in the South and the Severn Rivers.

Oyster restoration is not the sole aim; at the outdoor bash New Bay Times promises loads of fun, ranging from volleyball to horseshoes to good food and good company in a good setting. With ample slippage at Surfside 7 and neighboring Pier 7 Marina, you can come in your boat.

For more information, or to donate merchandise or services to NBT's Oyster Recovery auction, reach us at 410/867-0304 or toll-free at 800/579-0304.

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